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Dog Eat Dog WorldParker, Donald JamesA young man discovers the world is cruel but that love does overcome. View Details
Hearts are TrumpDonald James ParkerBook 1 in The Trump Sounds series View Details
Mountaintop MismatchParker, Donald JamesA Hollywood starlet gets unceremoniously dumped into a cold reality. View Details
Old Rugged Cross-The movie - plain DVDParker, DonaldA tale of two pastors, one led by the spirit and one by the flesh. View Details
The Muted TrumpDonald James ParkerBook 2 in The Trump Sounds series View Details
Gene TherapySmith, LannyWho says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Similar to a night spent in “The Twilight Zone,” Gene Therapy will capture your imagination and offer hope for couples experiencing some degree of marital distress. Gene Therapy will cause you to laugh—it will inspire readers to give love a second chance! View Details
Old Rugged CrossParker, Donald JamesA tale of two pastors, one led by the flesh and the other by the spirit. View Details
Redeeming Albums of LonelinessRogers, MartyA collection of short stories of fictional people dealing with real problems of loneliness and other life issues by turning to Jesus. View Details
The Prodigal PrincessParker, Donald JamesTammy chooses a live in boy friend's love over her father's - earthly and Heavenly. View Details
Best Friends Genetically ModifiedParker, DonaldThe sequel to Best Friends Eternally and Best Friends Recycled View Details
Mission ImprobableParker, DonaldA story of three unrelated lives which become tightly entangled. View Details
Once Upon OctoberGates, GinaA delightful and true tale of second chance love in the autumn of life. View Details
US Civil War 2013 The BrinkParker, Donald JamesA baby boomer discovers the world has changed and his country is on the brink of a civil war. View Details
Best Friends RecycledParker, DonaldSequel to Best Friends Eternally View Details
Love Waits - The MovieParker, DonaldThe movie version of the novel Love Waits View Details
Best Friends EternallyParker, DonaldFeature film about two best friends: one a Christian and the other an atheist. View Details
Paperback CrusaderParker, DonaldAfter receiving a command which apparent came from God to write a book about evolution, Dante's life is turned upside down. View Details
The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah (Movie)Parker, DonaldA feature film adapted from the novel The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah View Details
Gramps Goes to CollegeParker, Donald JamesA feature film about a retired gentleman who returns to the college classroom to stand up for God's truth. View Details
In Gramp's ShoesParker, Donald JamesA feature film about mentoring young men and a living testimony. View Details
Mission ImprobableParker, DonaldA novel which involves a real life faith based drug/alcohol rehab program. View Details
Right to BelieveParker, Donald and Rossetti, ChipA novel adapted from the movie with the same name. View Details
Saved TwiceParker, Donald and Andy PetersonThe true tale of how a mountain lion attack led Andy Peterson to an encounter with Jesus. View Details
The Accidental MissionaryParker, Donald and Rossetti, ChipA novel adapted from the movie of the same name. View Details
Beyond the PastHuddleston, JoBook 2 in the Caney Creek Series. A Southern historical romance novel. View Details
Claiming PeaceHuddleston, JoThe final book in the Caney Creek Series. View Details
Knowing Who We AreNelson, Mark CalvinKnowing Who We Are is an invitation for believers to come into an experiential, relational understanding of who we are in Jesus Christ. View Details
That SummerHuddleston, JoA southern historical novel from the depression era. View Details
The Fleeing TiaraDoud, DennisJackson Family Adventure - book one. The Jackson fly to a beach hotel, which according to local sources, is haunted by a princess. View Details
The Unexpected Bar MitzvahParker, Donald JamesTwo twelve-year-old boys become embroiled in a 2000 year war of idealogies. View Details
What in God's Name Are We Doing?McGowan, DanWith over 30 years of professional ministry behind him, Dan McGowan asks some difficult questions of the church and offers hope for real change by examining the original model for "church growth" found in Acts 2:42-47.. View Details
Will the Real Christianity Please Stand UpParker, Donald JamesA non fiction book that explores the identity of true Christianity, if such an entity exists. View Details
The American Manifesto: A Unifying VisionFlanders, Steven C.A critical look at American politics and economic policies. View Details
RetroshockMurray, D.W.Josh realizes that in order to save the world, he'll have to prevent the time machine he invented from seeing the light of day. View Details
The 21st Century DelusionNarvaez, DanielThe Twenty First Century delusion prepares believers in the last days by exposing the "gospel enterprise" replacing delusion with biblically-based truth pointing to a better way preserving the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. Essential reading for serious leaders and hungry believers. View Details
The 21st Century Delusion WorkbookNarvaez, DanielA companion and condensed version of the Twenty First Century Delusion for small groups wanting to dig deeper in the word in a workbook format that provides discussion questions and opportunity for believers to discuss an weigh in on the many issues raised in the book. View Details
Hush, Little BabyPiccurelli, Deborah M.A romantic suspense novel that tackles the realities of abortion and fetal harvesting. View Details
Against the TwilightParker, Donald JamesA novel about a beautiful writer of novels dealing with vampires and the young man who tries to stop her. View Details
Angels of Interstate 29Parker, Donald JamesSenior Citizens decide to form an organization to help motorists in trouble on the freeway. View Details
Finding My Heavenly FatherReuter, JeffThe story of a journey by a pastor to find his Heavenly Father -- after he became a pastor View Details
Gramps Goes to College - bookParker, Donald JamesA retiring baby boomer goes back to college to become a soldier in the culture war. View Details
He's So in Love With YouHeath, Robert C.The author tells of his journey to discover the depth of the love of God. View Details
Homeless Like MeParker, Donald JamesA wannabe author stumbles across violence,love,and the God his parents tried to share with him before their untimely death while trying to write the great American novel. View Details
Love Notes From AboveBrown, David AllenThe story of one man's journey from faith to desperation and back to faith View Details
Love WaitsParker, Donald JamesTeens facing the peer pressure at school to engage in sexual activity band together to take a chastity pledge. View Details
Reaching a New Generation of Kids for ChristHeath, Robert C.This is a how-to manual that will lead readers through the steps to create a Bible book club in a public school. There are a plethora of practical examples on how such a club could be maintained after creation. View Details
Reforming the Potter's ClayParker, Donald JamesA teenage tale of the clash between magick and miracles View Details
Silver WindParker, Donald JamesA new basketball coach on the reservation brings the Holy Ghost dance to the Native Americans. View Details
Silver Wind Pow-wowParker, Donald JamesCoach Peter Thompson transitions from trying to win the state basketball tournament to trying to bring all of the Native American tribes together for a Holy Spirit Pow-wow. View Details
All the Fury of the WindParker, Donald JamesBook 5 of the Masterson Family Series View Details
All the Stillness of the WindParker, Donald JamesBook 4 of the Masterson Family Series View Details
All the Voices of the WindParker, Donald JamesBook 3 of the Masterson Family Series View Details
More Than Dust in the WindParker, Donald JamesBook 2 of the Masterson Family Series View Details
The Bulldog CompactParker, Donald JamesBook 1 of the Masterson Family Series View Details