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For Jeremy, a high school senior growing up near Seattle, there are five seasons: rainy season, dry Season, football season, basketball season, and baseball season. Jeremy's world has always revolved around his father and sports. Now there is a new Heavenly body in town, whose gravity is pulling Jeremy away from the orbit around his dad. Maria, the new girl in town, is on a mission to make her voice heard in the debate of the theory that man evolved from lower life forms. Jeremy's father adamantly believes in Charles Darwin's theory. Who will win the tug of war over Jeremy's heart and mind, as Jeremy evolves from a boy into a man?

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I have created a new genre with this work, perhaps. The name I apply to it is Christian faction. This is a novel which combines romance and humor with a cerebral search for truth. It does not pull any punches, naming real people on both sides of the Evolution debate and combining most of the intelligent design/creationism arguments in one central location in a digestible format. All the Voices of the Wind is designed to change the way you look at the world and to help you understand how the world looks at you. Warning: This book is not for those who are not prepared for an intellectual challenge or a spiritual gutcheck.
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The first of Mr. Parker's novels introduces the reader to two teenagers caught in the maelstrom of secular America's attempt to debunk Christianity. The author utilizes warmth, humor, and intelligence to illustrate a cogent stand made by his protagonists to ascertain the validity of each prevailing school of thought: Darwinism and Intelligent Design.
Dante Longo/Colorado

All the Voices of the Wind, by author Donald James Parker, is a gem of a book. The author has taken a timely subject, Evolution vs Intelligent Design, and given us totally refreshing young characters struggling with this debate as they also suffer the pains of growing up and first love. The wonderful writing, engaging characters and dialogue that just pops off the page, makes what could have been a "preachy" book, and turns it into a work of art. We are drawn into the quest for knowledge along with Jeremy and Maria, our two charming main characters. The author gives us a wealth of knowledge and references in this on-going debate, but presents it in a unique manner - within an entertaining story.  I recommend this novel to anyone seeking not only intelligent presentation of these two theories, but a captivating story as well. You won't be disappointed!
Marcia Womack

Don Parker's amazing novel, Voices, is a compelling story about two teens seeking truth and working together to solve the world's oldest mystery. Mr. Parker takes us on a vivid journey where the dialogue captivates the reader and pushes the story forward. The vivid proof and scriptures he includes in this realistic story will enthrall even the hardest heart on the subject of Creation verses Darwinism. This is a 'Must Read Novel'. I would recommend this novel highly to anyone of any age. The characters shine, the dialogue snaps, and the reader is glued to each page. Outstanding
Cheri Jalbert - Maine

Mr. Parker has created a fun and informative tale (embedded in a juvenile-fiction, high-school romance) in which the main characters are exposed to the pros and cons of the Intelligent Design debate. All the Voices of the Wind also doubles as a excellent coming-of-age story, in which the main character, Jeremy, must learn whether what he believes is the result of his up-bringing, or if it comes from his own intellectual decisions. One can sense that Mr. Parker's stand-up comedy career has been somewhat suppressed, as humorous repartee sometimes continues a bit longer than needed. However, he gets it all in there, and in the end, he makes compelling and poignant points--and makes them so that his intended teen-age readers will understand and benifit from them. Elements of danger and adolescent angst fill in the story, creating an adventure which anyone can enjoy. A final climax will keep you riveted as a courtroom-like drama unfolds. And no matter which side you are cheering for, you won't be disappointed! This book is thoroughly enjoyable and informative. It does suffer from the lack of a bibliography, since Mr. Parker obviously did a great deal of research. Hopefully, one will be forthcoming in future editions.
Jon Saboe - author of Days of Peleg

All the Voices of the Wind is much more than a simple tale of a teenage boy (Jeremy) who meets the girl of his dreams (Maria). It is about the growth of the soul and the enrichment of the mind. Donald Parker has taken the everyday events a teen faces and woven them into poignant tale of a young man's journey in search of answers about the theory of evolution. The road he travels is bumpy and loaded with self doubt. Hostility and pain follow him along his path that has unexpected turns and twists. It is a great read that I highly recommend.
William Terry - author of Book of Spells

Creation. Evolution. Intelligent Design. Charles Darwin. Here's a refreshing approach to all the scientific, philosophical, and religious arguments filling multiple volumes in today's culture. Donald Parker does a fantastic job weaving character, dialogue, and story into this ageless debate. If you're looking for an entertaining novel that never falls short on credible science and compelling evidence, this is the one! Great summer read!
Randall Niles - author of Reflections of a Journey

"Voices" is an engaging story about teenagers, their parents and how one girl's quest for the truth surrounding evolution and science draws in those around her. The story line provides an excellent opportunity to review the current research surrounding macro and micro evolution. The book serves as a well-written and easy to digest primer for those interested in the myths and realities of the evolution dialogue. Don has done a great job of laying out the state of the discussions and illustrates the politics and biases of so many with regard to this important topic. Mark Twain once observed that one of our biggest problems is not ignorance, but the presumption of knowledge. This story illustrates that wisdom. At times I found the humorous one-upmanship banter in the dialogue a bit distracting, but the characters were clearly believable. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a good story and a balanced approach to the evolution debate.
T. Kammin

For most of Jeremy Dillon’s life, it has been just him and his dad. They share a great connection with each other. That all changes when the new girl in town, Maria Masterson captures Jeremy’s attention. Jeremy is intrigued by Maria. She wears dresses to school. Maria was also the first person to start a debate with the science teacher, Mr. Bogue on Darwin ’s theory about the evolution of man. Jeremy has never known different. His father has raised him on the beliefs of Darwin . So when Maria says opposite and talks about the good Lord, Jeremy wants to learn more. Jeremy starts spending more time with Maria as well as heads to church for the first time. Jeremy is so fascinated he can get enough but his dad isn’t happy. In fact Mr. Dillon wants Jeremy to stop seeing Maria. Will Jeremy keep following the path he’s always known or will he take a leap of faith? All the Voices of the Wind is the second book I have read by Mr. Parker. I enjoyed it a lot. I am so glad I found this author. Mr. Parker’s writing is so easy flowing and right on point. His characters deal with everyday real-life situations but in a positive upbeat manner. All of Mr. Parker’s books provide a strong message of never doubting your faith even if it makes you unique from everyone else. For anyone wanting to read an uplifting novel, than you should check out All the Voices of the Wind. All the Voices of the Wind is the third book in a series of five featuring the Masterson family.
Cheryl's Book Nook - Colorado

Jeremy Dillon is quite the accomplished young man. A talented athlete with an engaging personality, he’s spirited, driven, and well-liked by his peers. With all that going for him, one would think that he’d have no problem being popular with the young ladies but the opposite actually proves true, and, when the lovely Maria Masterson literally waltzes into his life one day, he is awestruck by her beauty, as well as the ineffable power and mystery that surround her. After a few false starts, Jeremy finally succeeds in establishing a solid rapport with Maria, and the two of them quickly become close friends, sharing much of themselves with one another on the way to forming a unique spiritual bond. A devout Christian, Maria soon introduces Jeremy to a new way of seeing the world around him, and his ensuing spiritual journey engenders within him a new foundation of wisdom and intellectual maturity. There’s just one bump on Jeremy’s road to enlightenment: his father. Ever since the untimely death of his mother, Jeremy’s father has struggled with spiritual issues, and the notion of faith in an omnipotent higher power has become quite a difficult concept for him to accept. In the face of his father’s skepticism, Jeremy soon finds it increasingly difficult to contend with the internal conflict with which his divided loyalties soon confront him as he moves forward in his own personal journey with Maria. Book 3 in the Masterson Family Series, All The Voices Of The Wind offers a deeper, more probing look into the inner workings of a family in constant flux. The bond between Jeremy and his father remains strong, but as its strength is tested by Jeremy’s budding relationship with Maria, the reader is presented with a realistic portrayal of just how difficult it can be for family members no matter how close to preserve the integrity of their respective unions. In addition, Donald James Parker - in his typical intrepid styletackles the topic of evolution head-on, offering insightful, well-thought-out analysis of the issue from all sides. His attention to detail ensures that the reader comes away with a comprehensive, in-depth perspective on the matter, and he does ultimate justice to a spirited debate that only continues to grow in intensity. Moving, engaging, and entertaining, All The Voices Of The Wind is a heart-rending literary treat.
Apex Reviews