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Parker, Donald James Author's Website Newcomer to the world of writing at the age of 56, Parker is trying to make up for lost time with 12 books finished in 5 years during his spare time. His style involves humor, snappy conversation, intellectual challenges to the readers, and a bluntness of presenting truth in a subtle and humorous manner.All the Voices of the Wind, All the Stillness of the Wind,The Bulldog Compact, Reforming the Potter's Clay, More Than Dust in the Wind, All the Fury of the Winds, Angels of Interstate 29, Homeless Like Me, Love Waits, SilverWind, Silverwind Pow-wow,Against the Twilight
Reuter, Jeff Author's Website Jeff is a senior pastor at River of Life Christian Fellowship in Madison, South Dakota. It was prophesied that he would write four books and would travel the world ministering to people.Finding My Heavenly Father
Brown, David Author's Website David is a first time author who is trying to share his love experiences dealing with God with everyoneLove Notes From Above
Heath, Robert C. Author's Website As founder of Kids for Christ USA Bob Heath has planted, or assisted parent and student sponsors of Bible Club in over 60 public elementary, junior high and high school locations in the Tulsa metro area: a place once thought closed to the gospel. Since January of 2001 he and his teams have covered their city on a daily basis taking the gospel of peace to a new generation of Kids for Christ.Reaching a New Generation of Kids for Christ, He's So In Love With You
Narvaez, Daniel Author's Website Daniel is an ordained minister.The 21st Century Delusion, The 21st Century Delusion Workbook
Piccurelli, Deborah M. Author's Website Deborah M. Piccurelli is an advocate for sanctity of life, and tackles such issues in her novels, weaving them into compelling stories. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, their two sons, and a Yorkie mix puppy named Precious.Hush, Little Baby
Murray, D.W. Author's Website David is a graphic artist from Florida who worked with Disney creating background scenes for hits such as Mulan and Tarzan. Dave has written other fantasy books the Majesty series.RetroShock
Myers, Eric Author's Website  Destiny of Angels
Flanders, Steven C. Author's Website Steven Flanders was born in 1953 and raised in Colorado Springs. He has been a lifelong political activist with eclectic experience including service twice as a Democratic committeeman, twice as a Republican committeeman, a one time member of the Libertarian Party, and an officer in the Green Party. He has lived in Hawaii, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, New York, Kansas, and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.The American Manifesto
Huddleston, Jo Author's Website Jo Huddleston is a multi-published author who writes novels inspired by her fascination with the 1950s and earlier 20th Century, and her love of her native American South. Novels in her endearing Caney Creek series, her West Virginia Mountains series, as well as her stand-alone release, Tidewater Summer, are sweet Southern romance novels. She is a member of the Literary Hall of Fame at Lincoln Memorial University (TN) and holds an M.Ed. Degree from Mississippi State University. Visit Jo on her website at That Summer, Beyond the Past
McGowan, Dan Author's Website Dan McGowan is an author, speaker, and humorist who entertains, encourages, and equips audiences all over the country. His first book, Worship: A Simple Mystery has helped many grow in their understanding of worship. What in God's Name Are We Doing?
Doud, Dennis Author's Website Dennis was born in the same hospital as John Wayne, living his entire childhood in Iowa until leaving for college. After graduating from LeTourneau College, now a university, in Longview, Texas, he returned home to the Hawkeye State. He left Iowa again to chase down his almost-a-wife who had taken a job in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. It's a place called "God's Country" and it has been truly that to Dennis and his bride of 33 years. Dennis has enjoyed reading and writing since elementary school, and, to this day, is still barely tolerating arithmetic. He has written various stories and articles and is now writing screenplays along with an online blog, uncledennysgarage.The Fleeing Tiara
Nelson, Mark Calvin Author's Website Mark Nelson is one of four pastors in a pastoral team at River of Life Christian Fellowship in Madison, South Dakota. Mark also works in flooring installation and real estate investing. He and his beautiful wife Katie have three children who are being equipped to advance the Kingdom of God. Knowing Who We Are
Rossetti, Chip Author's Website Chip Rossetti is an accomplished video, film and documentary writer, director and producer that has focused his career to making Christian, Faith Based and Family films. In 2006, Chip produced the documentary "No More Sunsets: The Last Days of a Meth Addict". This documentary sold all over the world and was featured on CNN, Fox News and many other media outlets. "No More Sunsets" has changed and saved lives all over the world. The Accidental Missionary
Bernard, Daniel Author's Website Daniel was born in Clearwater, Florida on July 4, 1956. In December of 1978, Daniel accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Shortly after getting saved, he went to Kentucky Christian College where he obtained his BA in Bible. He furthered his education by attending Cincinnati Bible Seminary for two years on a Leadership Scholarship. Daniel received several awards for Leadership and Preaching. He has earned an MA in Missiology from Liberty Theological Seminary. In September 2000, he was given an Honorary Doctorate of Theology from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa, Florida. His wife, Kathy, attended Florida Christian College and earned her Master’s degree in Christian Education at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. 
Peterson, Andy Author's Website Andy Peterson miraculously survived a terrifying mountain lion attack at Roxborough State Park on April 30, 1998. After surviving the incredible attack, Andy received several dozen stitches to his face, neck, chest, stomach, shoulders and legs. Andy set a record at Swedish Hospital in Englewood, Colorado by requiring 70 staples to close his head wounds.Saved Twice
Vaughn, CJ Author's Website  Sins of a Daughter
Steiger, Regina Author's Website  It's Not Gas; It's God
Gates, Gina Author's Website Gina is a diehard romantic who spent a lot of years doing ministry.Once Upon October
Smith, Lanny Author's Website Lanny Smith is a Christian high school teacher, a former "Class B+" surfer and a veteran of the U. S. Air Force. Lanny’s other novels and screenplays include The Radical Ride ( and The Christmas Beacon ( Gene Therapy
Rogers, Marty Author's Website Marty is an evangelist who has traveled the world preaching the word of God.Redeeming Albums of Loneliness