Submissions to Sword of the Spirit

We are currently taking submissions by invitation only. Please check back with us later to see if that changes.

All delivery of your work must be done electronically via email. You won't need to submit a formal proposal that you spend valuable writing time to create. We're not interested in publishing proposals. We're also not interested in publishing fluff escapism literature. If your story doesn't have a message for the readers, then it's not a good fit for our goals. We also are not fussy about having perfected manuscripts. Why should you spend your time making something absolutely free from errors, when an editor is going to go over it anyway? We will be fussy about delivery. If you're not writing in a fashion that grabs people's attention, no one will find the time to read it in this world of instant gratification with a plethora of good books vying for the attention of those interested in being stimulated by the written word.