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56-year-old Dante Phillips is cruising through the early years of senior citizenship and enjoying a quiet and peaceful existence when his route is diverted abruptly. After being woken by a voice telling him to "write a book about evolution", he utters a prayer which elicits a confirmation from God which blows Dante away. The clear command to launch a crusade against some of mankind's sacred cows of culture forces him to make a momentous decision. He realizes such a campaign will eject him from the seat of his comfort zone and propel him into the turbulent world of cultural warfare. Dante, whose goal in life had always been to get along with everybody, realizes that speaking out on controversial topics will bring him into conflict with his fellow human beings. He makes the conscious choice to seek the praises of God instead of the praises of men and obeys his commission. Dante goes into battle knowing that the resistance by the devil and those who have bought his lies will be fierce. However, he is surprised and wounded by the conflict with some of those who proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, causing him anguish that almost derails his train of resolve. Seemingly standing alone in his fight, Dante's desire to give up is countered by the assistance and encouragement of Marian, an old acquaintance who becomes much more to Dante as they take on together what they determine are the principal pillars of the devil's master plan.
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