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Candy Copeland has beaten the odds, navigating that slippery slope from small town wannabe to Hollywood star. Her journey led her down all of the seemingly requisite detours, including waiting tables and running the gauntlet of sexual predators. The fight and subsequent success purged her of her small town values along with her faith. The world mourns when news outlets report that Candy has vanished without a trace. Only one person in the world is aware of Candy's whereabouts, and that reclusive mountain man is not in a position to share that information with anyone. After Shane rescues Candy from the elements, he wonders if he'll need someone to rescue him from the sassy Hollywood diva who crashed his solo party in the mountaintop enclave just before an early snowstorm socks in the area for the winter. Candy is less than enthused about taking a forced vacation from her thespian career and active social life. The close proximity of the two diverse personalities offer no dearth of opportunity for personal growth as both face physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges during Candy's exile on the lonely mountain. Their five months of give and take needling over life issues lead Shane to consider joining the 21st century and Candy to look back to the first century for meaning to life.
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