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Jeremy has studied the theory of evolution and its inherent weaknesses. His conclusion is that the world itself is a testimony to the existence of a creator. He decides to throw himself into studying religion to find out if he can determine who that creator might be and what such a powerful entity desires of him. His motivation is strong due to his love for Maria, who introduced him to Christianity, but Jeremy won't sacrifice truth even for the love of his life. He must find satisfactory answers to all of his inquiries, in order to pave the way to a mutually dedicated relationship based on common ideals.
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Whether seeking personal peace, finding the path to redemption or satisfying a need for knowledge; your journey could begin by reading this book! A ‘parable’ is an avenue used to get a point across, by telling a fictional story, allowing the listener to make their own conclusions. It usually pertains to a moral or spiritual idea. Jesus was famous for his use of parables, and I believe that this fictional story would best be described as a modern day parable. Jeremy is dating Maria and coincidentally, his father, Paul is dating Maria’s mother, Lisa. The women are devote Christians, who know their futures lie with men of similar beliefs. Jeremy has already studied the theory of evolution and concluded that there must have been a creator. The men set out to research religion and it’s many viewpoints, with special focus on Christianity, the arguments for and against. They share their newfound knowledge and acceptance with the women, as their beliefs are discussed or debated. The comfort level and bantering conversations between the four characters made me laugh, as I learned right along with them. Throughout their search, they ‘weed through’, accept or reject different viewpoints on what man must do, to inherit eternal life. Along the way, they discover there are numerous ways to reconnect with God and inner peace, by way of music, prayer and more. The couples celebrate their first Christmas together, the happy memory quickly shattered by a horrific accident, which would shake even the strongest of believers’ faith. It is then that we learn about grace, “the ability to forgive people for messing up” and about the five steps of grieving. This is one of the many times that Satan feeds our anger and, only once he has been renounced, is the burden lifted. Love and faith are a true believers path to a good life, and the key to the much believed in, Heaven. To review this book was incredible timing. Either divine intervention or just plain coincidence, as it came to me in a time of many questions. It has had a positive influence on my life, by encouraging me to reconnect with my roots and beliefs, on my own search for peace.

I highly recommend reading this book. Reviewer: Cheryl Ellis, Allbooks Review
Cheryl Ellison - Canada

Having been introduced to Christianity by his girlfriend, Maria, Jeremy Dillon begins the process of exploring the faith further, analyzing it within the combined realm of his mind, body, and spirit. He reads numerous books, watches various movies and television programs, and engages in countless discussions regarding the history and contemporary context of the religion. As his spirituality matures, so does his bond with Maria, and the two soon become inseparable, their collective fate enmeshed within their mutual affection and devotion to one another. As a result of his diligence, Jeremy ultimately develops a strong allegiance to all things Christian, including a firm belief in the precepts of Creationism. The more his faith grows, the stronger a person he becomes and, little does he know, his faith will soon be put to the test when he’s confronted with one of the greatest challenges he’s faced in his young life: the prospect of losing Maria. After the two of them suffer a horrendous car accident, Maria is left in a coma, and Jeremy must rely on the relationship that he’s established with God to provide him with the strength, courage, and tenacity to hold on. The ultimate question, of course, is whether or not he has the true faith to do just that All The Stillness Of The Wind is a welcome addition to the ever-growing world of Christian fiction. Donald James Parker continues his Masterson Family Series with this latest installment, an eye-opening, first-hand account of faith in action. The measure of true strength is witnessed in just how well we hold up when confronted with situations for which we haven’t prepared and not many of us tend to pass such surprise tests the first go-round. However, the ultimate goal is to learn from the very shortcomings that lead us to fail, in essence, bolstering us against such failure in the future. In All The Stillness Of The Wind, Parker masterfully displays Jeremy’s internal metamorphosis in the pursuit of that very goal, thereby reflecting for the reader the importance of maintaining the same perseverance in his/her own life no matter the circumstances. Amusing, enlightening, and extremely well-written, All The Stillness Of The Wind is a treat for the mind and spirit that does not disappoint. Highly recommended.
Apex Reviews

"I have to admit, Maria, that Jesus is a compelling figure. His story is extraordinary. I've heard it said that he was either the Son of God, a liar, or a lunatic." So states Jeremy Dillon - son, boyfriend, high school basketball star, and seeker. In his novel, "All the Stillness of the Wind," author Donald James Parker engages his audience with relevant questions allowing the reader to draw conclusions. Although his protagonists probe the tenets of Christianity, they are far more than dogmatic seekers. Each character is a loving, intelligent soul who questions the foundations of a predominant, if disintegrating, world-wide belief structure. Christianity is examined in Mr. Parker's fourth novel of his Masterson Family series. Scripture, logic, philosophy, emotion and consequence are attractively braided into this tale of two families: Maria and Lisa Masterson - Jeremy and Paul Dillon. At the heart of Don Parker's story is love and it's manifestations, running the gamut from teen-aged infatuation to the puzzling sacrifice of Christ's passion. Jeremy and Maria attempt to unravel love's secrets within the boundaries of Christian morality while investigating the truth of God's concern for mankind, examining and discussing all that they encounter in an epic-sized inquiry. Their combined efforts are brought to a halt when Maria's voice is silenced, leaving Jeremy to interpret the mysteries of hope, faith, and his desire for revenge. I find the issues addressed in this story representative of post-modern America's most fascinating debates: Does God exist? If so, how does that impact me? If you're looking for direction; if you don't mind hard-hitting arguments for and against Christianity, I suggest you choose quiet time to read "All the Stillness of the Wind." Typical of Don Parker's writing, this book provokes as it entertains. Rich with references, "All the Stillness of the Wind" is communicated with humor and warmth. I recommend this book to all cogent thinkers.
Dante Longo - Colorado