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Jack Paulson meets a lovely lady in a health food store. A casual conversation leads to a date with Joan on the tennis court. Jack is aglow with expectation until he discovers that his new heartthrob is a political activist and is not much into Christianity, just the opposite of himself. However, the two decide to seek for truth in both arenas with no sacred cows that cannot be examined and discussed. Their search for truth brings both of them to new realizations and plunges Jack into two different dilemmas. First he must justify his own brand of Christianity against the evidence that Joan presents to him concerning differences in the Bible with doctrines that Jack espouses. Secondly, in joining the Tea Party and researching the political environment, Jack is torn in multiple directions as he learns that a Brave New World, with multiple potential enemies, he never suspected is stealthily manifesting itself in his beloved America. The potential threat of a civil war makes his blood run cold, and he determines that he must help prevent such a catastrophe. He has to consider that a civil war might be necessary to preserve freedom from tyranny. Jack is faced with the decision of whether to be actively involved in trying to ensure that America stays free, or whether God wants him to concentrate on spiritual issues. He agonizes over his choice as his relationship with Joan hangs in the balance.
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