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Matthew was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and it's still sustaining him after he obtains his degree in divinity from Harvard and lands a dream job that allows his to recreate to his heart's content. His $74,000 Lexus is the envy of the community, and Mathew is proud to be the driver of the Silver Streak as well as the pastor of a very upscale church in Tennessee. When God sends him a dream in the night, he has to reconsider some of his priorities in life. The nocturnal vision leads him to a local faith based drug/alcohol rehab center operated by Mission Teens. While Matthew is trying to determine a roadmap for his life, two strangers in the Heartland are trying to avoid being sent by family members to an obscure community in Tennessee for rehabilitation. Circumstances put both Shane and Susan on the same bus, headed to Davy Crockett country and a rendezvous with a proud young pastor, Cupid, and the Holy Spirit.
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