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Troy and Abby, along with Abby’s family and their friend Desmond’s family, are crushed when Joe Biden is declared the winner of the 2020 election. Because of the voices of the prophets indicating that God told them that Trump would win, they cling to the hope that the election will be overturned. When the inauguration date arrives, and it doesn’t appear that God’s deliverance has, consternation approaching desolation arises among them. The plot thickens as one group of the people who prophesied a Trump victory apologize for being mistaken, bringing a new conflict to the body of Christ. As the small group attempts to come to grips with the resulting chaos, a new source of wisdom and hope enters their lives in the personage of Daryl Perkins, a writer and veteran of the culture wars. Daryl doesn’t realize it but his life is forever altered when he strikes up a friendship with Abby’s grandfather at the gym. And little does Wade realize how much his family will be impacted by that divine connection as well. Together they try to hold on as the roller coaster ride of America enters a section of extremely turbulent track.
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