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The saga of Bambi continues as the young basketball player steps up to the college level. Later, the end of his scholastic days brings new changes and challenges as he enters the playing court of adult life. He discovers his enthusiasm, energy, and talent aren't always enough to win this game. A new friend introduces him to the Evolution debate, and Bambi begins a new chapter in his life as he becomes a truth seeker. Many novels have been written about boys sports, but girls track and cross country have been mostly ignored. These sports are featured in this book through the exploits of a delightful new character named Maria, whom readers watch growing up in this story.
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Book 2 of the Masterson Family Series, More Than Dust In The Wind finds protagonist Lance "Bambi" Masterson now on the collegiate scene, bravely leading his beloved Dakota State Trojans to glory on the basketball court. Despite his athletic prowess, Bambi soon stumbles in his personal life, running into a major roadblock in his relationship with the lovely Lisa Nielsen. The problem? Lisa is a Protestant, and Bambi is a Catholic, and ¿ before she will seriously consider marrying him ¿ Lisa requires that Bambi renounce his Catholic faith and join up with hers. Her ultimatum sends Bambi into an extended emotional quagmire, in which he struggles to reconcile his love for her with his devotion to his personal faith.

Because he turns to God for the answers to his problems, though, the resolution is soon provided to Bambi, and he realizes that he doesn't have to split hairs with Lisa over a manmade practice when spiritual faith is the ultimate key that will unlock all the doors to their future. In addition, when a powerful prophecy is given to him by a pastor at a not-so-random church service one day, the light of understanding and wisdom further begins to shine in his life, and Bambi becomes more at ease with fulfilling his true spiritual calling.

Unfortunately, the sudden onset of a devastating illness eventually overcomes Bambi, and, in the midst of mentoring his promising young daughter, Maria, his life is cut tragically short, preventing him from seeing the prophecy of her life unfold; however, in true spiritual fashion, her prophetic anointing does indeed play out, and Maria pledges to continue on in the same spirit of faithfulness and devotion as her beloved father.

Donald James Parker provides the reader with much spiritual food for thought in More Than Dust In The Wind. Confronted with such issues as faith in the face of adversity and trust in times of despair, everyone must take deep, introspective looks within themselves when trying to understand precisely why they (and others) tend to respond in the ways that they do. With that motif of internal conflict serving as a backdrop, Parker does a commendable job of allowing the reader to take vicarious peeks into his/her own soul via the trials and difficulties that beset Bambi, Lisa, and ultimately Maria. By humanizing our common struggles, More Than Dust In The Wind serves as a helpful vehicle for spiritual enlightenment and individual growth. Kudos to Parker for penning such a moving tale of strength, commitment, and perseverance.
Latonya Franklin - Apex Reviews

The main character in Donald James Parker's second book from a five
novel series about the Masterson family is a young man by the name of
Bambi. He is a basketball player who steps up to college level, realizing
as he grew older that energy, and talent was not enough to win the game.
Bambi makes it to the National Tournament with support from Lisa, but
then his life makes a complete turn, and he's forced to set priorities.
He begins to realize with age that we make choices and decisions, and
regardless of whether those choices were the right moves to make, we
must live with them. I recommend this novel to teens, and adults who
enjoy a fascinating story of life, with a blend of spiritual guidance.
For many years, Bambi was on his own mission trying to learn how to
make good decisions, realizing that we must have an open mind while
searching for answers. While on his mission, he leads his family to
walk on a different road, and their lives change forever. The author
created an uplifting story that fills the pages with inspiration.
"More Than Dust In The Wind" is as heartwarming as "For Love Of The
Game" with Kevin Costner. This novel is full of soul and spirit with a
remarkable, and affecting story that the reader will never forget!
Geri Ahearn