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Most people don't understand the true relationship between God and His children. This is the place to find out who He is and how He can help. You can still find peace in your life even when things are at their worst. Do you really know Him? Do you want to know Him? We all need Jesus. Love Notes provides direction. It can lead anyone down the path of maturity and growth in the Christian faith. It answers the questions that atheists, agnostics, new and veteran Christians need to have answered. If you've decided that "maybe" you need help navigating the storms of your life, you've come to the right place. We all experience bad relationships, breakups, economic hardship, loss of a loved one, despair, depression, anger, fear, guilt, anxiety heartbreak and more. So how do we deal with the pain? We build walls? Walls are constructed of painful experiences and they are always built to protect our hearts and our feelings. They must be torn down if we don’t want them to crush our dreams and cheat us from enjoying lives of happiness and peace. There is a way, and you’ll find it in Love Notes from Above: Breaking down the Walls to Heaven.
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