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Ray Bradbury wrote in his novel Dandelion Wine that boys are always running ... running to become men. Not all boys take the same path and not all men arrive at the same destination. This is the story of the author's individual journey to find purpose and fulfillment in life. As with many of the human race, Jeff tried a myriad of worldly things to try to fill the void inside him that he later recognized as a God-shaped hole in his heart that only God could fill. Every road has its bumps, hills, curves, and detours, and the path to the author's experience of feeling the love of his heavenly Father was no exception. At the end of Dandelion Wine, the hero is saved from death by a local door-to-door salesman. When the boy asks the man how he can pay him for his rescue, the man replied, pass it on to others. That is what Jeff is attempting to do in the pages of this book. He has discovered the love of a Father and wants to pass the knowledge of that love and how others can encounter it to everyone in the world.
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