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Reviews for Against the Twilight

When Heather Culebra becomes the toast of the literary world with her bestselling vampire romance tales, it spurs David Justice - a devout Christian - into action. Determined not to let Heather's seductive, vampire-worshipping fiction condemn an unsuspecting world to hell, David pens his own book, designed to enlighten humanity to the dangers and foreboding evil of praising her works. Strangely enough, the passion of their respective endeavors soon pours over into a downright magnetic attraction between the two diametrically-opposed authors - despite their efforts to fight it. The only problem? David's growing love and affection for Cindy, a God-fearing nurse who offers the grounded spiritual substance he lacks in his fleshly pursuit of the resultant romantic tug-of-war, which spiritual force will ultimately be the winner of David's mind and heart? In Against The Twilight, prolific author Donald James Parker has crafted a clever, multi-layered romance tale that readers from all backgrounds can appreciate. On one level, the unfolding drama, intrigue, and suspense of David's love-triangle entertain is sure to entertain, while on another level Parker addresses the much-hyped hold that vampire mania has recently established over modern pop culture. In what has become his signature fashion, Parker dissects the relative strengths and weaknesses of the phenomenon, incisively dicing them into a fine dust with the sharp blades of logic and reason. Supported by biblical scripture and conventional wisdom, Against The Twilight puts up a convincing fight in highlighting the flaws of idolizing anything rooted in - and masked by - deception and ambiguity. The latest enlightening offering from a standout literary talent, Against The Twilight is sure to warm the heart - as well as unnerve the weak-minded and easily swayed.

Latonya Franklin - Apex Reviews

Reviews for All the Fury of the Wind

Jeremy and Maria are young lovers intertwined in the arms of fate. Recent high school graduates, they soon marry and start a new life together at the University of Nebraska, where Maria is a rising track star and Jeremy has a promising future as a member of the baseball team. Making the adjustment to life in the college environment is tough enough for most students, but it’s exponentially harder for Jeremy and Maria, given the entrenched mores and folkways that they soon find themselves infringing upon… Staunch proponents of the concept of Intelligent Design, the newlyweds eventually set themselves directly at odds with the preponderance of campus believers who embrace the Darwinian theory of evolution. Their nemeses are not just relegated to random classmates either, but also extend to high-powered members of the faculty and staff – and even the surrounding social order. Undaunted by the increased opposition that they face, Jeremy and Maria remain steadfast in their determination to shed light on the various inconsistencies scattered throughout their opponents’ arguments, as well as the latent anti- Christian hostility into which society overall has seemingly slipped… All the growing tension sets the stage for a series of nasty battles sure to crush the spirits of the easily intimidated – but Jeremy and Maria are not so easily swayed, and the underestimation of their will and fervor soon proves hazardous to those who seek to silence them… All The Fury Of The Wind takes the reader on a well-balanced, informative trek through the contemporary battle between Creationists & Evolutionists. Donald James Parker does a commendable job of presenting both sides of the ongoing argument in cogent fashion, providing enough detailed information to allow one to reach his or her own intelligent conclusion about the matter at hand. Though Parker is a personally a staunch Christian in clear support of Intelligent Design, his unbiased approach in relating the complexities of the issue is quite edifying, and his powerful insights, as well as his skillful use of humor and gravitas, make for a supremely compelling story. There are many who would complain that the age of religious tolerance has long overextended its stay, and such individuals would be among the first to shun such a seemingly controversial work as All The Fury Of The Wind – but in doing so, those parties – ironically – would deprive themselves of a golden opportunity to gain greater understanding into just why such tolerance is more essential now than ever.

Apex Reviews

Reviews for All the Stillness of the Wind

Whether seeking personal peace, finding the path to redemption or satisfying a need for knowledge; your journey could begin by reading this book! A ‘parable’ is an avenue used to get a point across, by telling a fictional story, allowing the listener to make their own conclusions. It usually pertains to a moral or spiritual idea. Jesus was famous for his use of parables, and I believe that this fictional story would best be described as a modern day parable. Jeremy is dating Maria and coincidentally, his father, Paul is dating Maria’s mother, Lisa. The women are devote Christians, who know their futures lie with men of similar beliefs. Jeremy has already studied the theory of evolution and concluded that there must have been a creator. The men set out to research religion and it’s many viewpoints, with special focus on Christianity, the arguments for and against. They share their newfound knowledge and acceptance with the women, as their beliefs are discussed or debated. The comfort level and bantering conversations between the four characters made me laugh, as I learned right along with them. Throughout their search, they ‘weed through’, accept or reject different viewpoints on what man must do, to inherit eternal life. Along the way, they discover there are numerous ways to reconnect with God and inner peace, by way of music, prayer and more. The couples celebrate their first Christmas together, the happy memory quickly shattered by a horrific accident, which would shake even the strongest of believers’ faith. It is then that we learn about grace, “the ability to forgive people for messing up” and about the five steps of grieving. This is one of the many times that Satan feeds our anger and, only once he has been renounced, is the burden lifted. Love and faith are a true believers path to a good life, and the key to the much believed in, Heaven. To review this book was incredible timing. Either divine intervention or just plain coincidence, as it came to me in a time of many questions. It has had a positive influence on my life, by encouraging me to reconnect with my roots and beliefs, on my own search for peace.

I highly recommend reading this book. Reviewer: Cheryl Ellis, Allbooks Review

Cheryl Ellison - Canada

Having been introduced to Christianity by his girlfriend, Maria, Jeremy Dillon begins the process of exploring the faith further, analyzing it within the combined realm of his mind, body, and spirit. He reads numerous books, watches various movies and television programs, and engages in countless discussions regarding the history and contemporary context of the religion. As his spirituality matures, so does his bond with Maria, and the two soon become inseparable, their collective fate enmeshed within their mutual affection and devotion to one another. As a result of his diligence, Jeremy ultimately develops a strong allegiance to all things Christian, including a firm belief in the precepts of Creationism. The more his faith grows, the stronger a person he becomes and, little does he know, his faith will soon be put to the test when he’s confronted with one of the greatest challenges he’s faced in his young life: the prospect of losing Maria. After the two of them suffer a horrendous car accident, Maria is left in a coma, and Jeremy must rely on the relationship that he’s established with God to provide him with the strength, courage, and tenacity to hold on. The ultimate question, of course, is whether or not he has the true faith to do just that All The Stillness Of The Wind is a welcome addition to the ever-growing world of Christian fiction. Donald James Parker continues his Masterson Family Series with this latest installment, an eye-opening, first-hand account of faith in action. The measure of true strength is witnessed in just how well we hold up when confronted with situations for which we haven’t prepared and not many of us tend to pass such surprise tests the first go-round. However, the ultimate goal is to learn from the very shortcomings that lead us to fail, in essence, bolstering us against such failure in the future. In All The Stillness Of The Wind, Parker masterfully displays Jeremy’s internal metamorphosis in the pursuit of that very goal, thereby reflecting for the reader the importance of maintaining the same perseverance in his/her own life no matter the circumstances. Amusing, enlightening, and extremely well-written, All The Stillness Of The Wind is a treat for the mind and spirit that does not disappoint. Highly recommended.

Apex Reviews

"I have to admit, Maria, that Jesus is a compelling figure. His story is extraordinary. I've heard it said that he was either the Son of God, a liar, or a lunatic." So states Jeremy Dillon - son, boyfriend, high school basketball star, and seeker. In his novel, "All the Stillness of the Wind," author Donald James Parker engages his audience with relevant questions allowing the reader to draw conclusions. Although his protagonists probe the tenets of Christianity, they are far more than dogmatic seekers. Each character is a loving, intelligent soul who questions the foundations of a predominant, if disintegrating, world-wide belief structure. Christianity is examined in Mr. Parker's fourth novel of his Masterson Family series. Scripture, logic, philosophy, emotion and consequence are attractively braided into this tale of two families: Maria and Lisa Masterson - Jeremy and Paul Dillon. At the heart of Don Parker's story is love and it's manifestations, running the gamut from teen-aged infatuation to the puzzling sacrifice of Christ's passion. Jeremy and Maria attempt to unravel love's secrets within the boundaries of Christian morality while investigating the truth of God's concern for mankind, examining and discussing all that they encounter in an epic-sized inquiry. Their combined efforts are brought to a halt when Maria's voice is silenced, leaving Jeremy to interpret the mysteries of hope, faith, and his desire for revenge. I find the issues addressed in this story representative of post-modern America's most fascinating debates: Does God exist? If so, how does that impact me? If you're looking for direction; if you don't mind hard-hitting arguments for and against Christianity, I suggest you choose quiet time to read "All the Stillness of the Wind." Typical of Don Parker's writing, this book provokes as it entertains. Rich with references, "All the Stillness of the Wind" is communicated with humor and warmth. I recommend this book to all cogent thinkers.

Dante Longo - Colorado

Reviews for All the Voices of the Wind

Jeremy Dillon is quite the accomplished young man. A talented athlete with an engaging personality, he’s spirited, driven, and well-liked by his peers. With all that going for him, one would think that he’d have no problem being popular with the young ladies but the opposite actually proves true, and, when the lovely Maria Masterson literally waltzes into his life one day, he is awestruck by her beauty, as well as the ineffable power and mystery that surround her. After a few false starts, Jeremy finally succeeds in establishing a solid rapport with Maria, and the two of them quickly become close friends, sharing much of themselves with one another on the way to forming a unique spiritual bond. A devout Christian, Maria soon introduces Jeremy to a new way of seeing the world around him, and his ensuing spiritual journey engenders within him a new foundation of wisdom and intellectual maturity. There’s just one bump on Jeremy’s road to enlightenment: his father. Ever since the untimely death of his mother, Jeremy’s father has struggled with spiritual issues, and the notion of faith in an omnipotent higher power has become quite a difficult concept for him to accept. In the face of his father’s skepticism, Jeremy soon finds it increasingly difficult to contend with the internal conflict with which his divided loyalties soon confront him as he moves forward in his own personal journey with Maria. Book 3 in the Masterson Family Series, All The Voices Of The Wind offers a deeper, more probing look into the inner workings of a family in constant flux. The bond between Jeremy and his father remains strong, but as its strength is tested by Jeremy’s budding relationship with Maria, the reader is presented with a realistic portrayal of just how difficult it can be for family members no matter how close to preserve the integrity of their respective unions. In addition, Donald James Parker - in his typical intrepid styletackles the topic of evolution head-on, offering insightful, well-thought-out analysis of the issue from all sides. His attention to detail ensures that the reader comes away with a comprehensive, in-depth perspective on the matter, and he does ultimate justice to a spirited debate that only continues to grow in intensity. Moving, engaging, and entertaining, All The Voices Of The Wind is a heart-rending literary treat.

Apex Reviews

For most of Jeremy Dillon’s life, it has been just him and his dad. They share a great connection with each other. That all changes when the new girl in town, Maria Masterson captures Jeremy’s attention. Jeremy is intrigued by Maria. She wears dresses to school. Maria was also the first person to start a debate with the science teacher, Mr. Bogue on Darwin ’s theory about the evolution of man. Jeremy has never known different. His father has raised him on the beliefs of Darwin . So when Maria says opposite and talks about the good Lord, Jeremy wants to learn more. Jeremy starts spending more time with Maria as well as heads to church for the first time. Jeremy is so fascinated he can get enough but his dad isn’t happy. In fact Mr. Dillon wants Jeremy to stop seeing Maria. Will Jeremy keep following the path he’s always known or will he take a leap of faith? All the Voices of the Wind is the second book I have read by Mr. Parker. I enjoyed it a lot. I am so glad I found this author. Mr. Parker’s writing is so easy flowing and right on point. His characters deal with everyday real-life situations but in a positive upbeat manner. All of Mr. Parker’s books provide a strong message of never doubting your faith even if it makes you unique from everyone else. For anyone wanting to read an uplifting novel, than you should check out All the Voices of the Wind. All the Voices of the Wind is the third book in a series of five featuring the Masterson family.

Cheryl's Book Nook - Colorado

The first of Mr. Parker's novels introduces the reader to two teenagers caught in the maelstrom of secular America's attempt to debunk Christianity. The author utilizes warmth, humor, and intelligence to illustrate a cogent stand made by his protagonists to ascertain the validity of each prevailing school of thought: Darwinism and Intelligent Design.

Dante Longo/Colorado

All the Voices of the Wind, by author Donald James Parker, is a gem of a book. The author has taken a timely subject, Evolution vs Intelligent Design, and given us totally refreshing young characters struggling with this debate as they also suffer the pains of growing up and first love. The wonderful writing, engaging characters and dialogue that just pops off the page, makes what could have been a "preachy" book, and turns it into a work of art. We are drawn into the quest for knowledge along with Jeremy and Maria, our two charming main characters. The author gives us a wealth of knowledge and references in this on-going debate, but presents it in a unique manner - within an entertaining story.  I recommend this novel to anyone seeking not only intelligent presentation of these two theories, but a captivating story as well. You won't be disappointed!

Marcia Womack

Don Parker's amazing novel, Voices, is a compelling story about two teens seeking truth and working together to solve the world's oldest mystery. Mr. Parker takes us on a vivid journey where the dialogue captivates the reader and pushes the story forward. The vivid proof and scriptures he includes in this realistic story will enthrall even the hardest heart on the subject of Creation verses Darwinism. This is a 'Must Read Novel'. I would recommend this novel highly to anyone of any age. The characters shine, the dialogue snaps, and the reader is glued to each page. Outstanding

Cheri Jalbert - Maine

Mr. Parker has created a fun and informative tale (embedded in a juvenile-fiction, high-school romance) in which the main characters are exposed to the pros and cons of the Intelligent Design debate. All the Voices of the Wind also doubles as a excellent coming-of-age story, in which the main character, Jeremy, must learn whether what he believes is the result of his up-bringing, or if it comes from his own intellectual decisions. One can sense that Mr. Parker's stand-up comedy career has been somewhat suppressed, as humorous repartee sometimes continues a bit longer than needed. However, he gets it all in there, and in the end, he makes compelling and poignant points--and makes them so that his intended teen-age readers will understand and benifit from them. Elements of danger and adolescent angst fill in the story, creating an adventure which anyone can enjoy. A final climax will keep you riveted as a courtroom-like drama unfolds. And no matter which side you are cheering for, you won't be disappointed! This book is thoroughly enjoyable and informative. It does suffer from the lack of a bibliography, since Mr. Parker obviously did a great deal of research. Hopefully, one will be forthcoming in future editions.

Jon Saboe - author of Days of Peleg

All the Voices of the Wind is much more than a simple tale of a teenage boy (Jeremy) who meets the girl of his dreams (Maria). It is about the growth of the soul and the enrichment of the mind. Donald Parker has taken the everyday events a teen faces and woven them into poignant tale of a young man's journey in search of answers about the theory of evolution. The road he travels is bumpy and loaded with self doubt. Hostility and pain follow him along his path that has unexpected turns and twists. It is a great read that I highly recommend.

William Terry - author of Book of Spells

Creation. Evolution. Intelligent Design. Charles Darwin. Here's a refreshing approach to all the scientific, philosophical, and religious arguments filling multiple volumes in today's culture. Donald Parker does a fantastic job weaving character, dialogue, and story into this ageless debate. If you're looking for an entertaining novel that never falls short on credible science and compelling evidence, this is the one! Great summer read!

Randall Niles - author of Reflections of a Journey

"Voices" is an engaging story about teenagers, their parents and how one girl's quest for the truth surrounding evolution and science draws in those around her. The story line provides an excellent opportunity to review the current research surrounding macro and micro evolution. The book serves as a well-written and easy to digest primer for those interested in the myths and realities of the evolution dialogue. Don has done a great job of laying out the state of the discussions and illustrates the politics and biases of so many with regard to this important topic. Mark Twain once observed that one of our biggest problems is not ignorance, but the presumption of knowledge. This story illustrates that wisdom. At times I found the humorous one-upmanship banter in the dialogue a bit distracting, but the characters were clearly believable. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a good story and a balanced approach to the evolution debate.

T. Kammin

Reviews for Angels of Interstate 29

Seventy year-old Tex Harris has just been “put out to pasture”; due to mandatory retirement laws, his longtime employer has officially relieved him of his duties, and he finds himself wondering just what he’ll be doing with the rest of his life…fortuitously, he doesn’t have to wait too long when an unexpected event quickly changes his life forever. When he notices a young woman stranded on the side of the road, Tex – the Southern Gentleman that he is – pulls over to offer his assistance. Two young men are already on the scene, but something about them strikes Tex the wrong way, and his intuition is proven right when the situation quickly devolves into a tense standoff. Thankfully, the woman and her baby escape unharmed, but her would-be assailants manage to elude law enforcement and make a hasty getaway. Nonetheless, as a result of the breathtaking encounter, Tex is infused with a new reason for living: assisting those in need when no one else is around to do so. So, he launches The Angels Of Interstate29, a vigilant group of civic-minded seniors, who, like Tex, are retired but yet unwilling to pass quietly into the twilight of their lives. Joined by his best friend, Parnelli, and the lovely Lizzy, a widow he meets during his initial recruitment stop, Tex and crew embark on their collective quest to save innocent lives. As times goes on, though, the natural complexities of humanity inevitably emerge, and, at the same time that Tex competes with Parnelli for Lizzy’s attention and affections, he soon finds himself contending once again with unresolved dangers from the not-too-distant past… Angels Of Interstate 29 is quite the enjoyable read. Donald James Parker is a veritable master at crafting unique, original characters whose lives and leanings lend the story an impressive authenticity. Moreover, the wit and candor of his narrative style give it a distinctive edge that moves the story along at a compelling pace. Last but not least, Parker’s ability to bring equal parts intrigue, mystery, and suspense together into a convincingly coalesced whole treats the reader to a well balanced, carefully-crafted tale hard to put down. A sure treat for fans of a good old fashioned, well-told story.

Apex Reviews

The first few pages of "Angels" certainly had me intrigued. The hero is seventy. The love interest must be something similar. And the humor is wild and crazy, like watching prime-time TV. Donald James Parker has created some very believable characters, and I immediately wanted to know them better. Parker's realistic dialog captivated me wonderfully. I've read how writers should avoid "he said, she said." But "Angels of Interstate 29" might be a classic example of how to keep the voices separate without ascribing words to speakers. Eventually the conversations did begin to drag, but with perfect timing, that was when Parker began to ramp up the relationships. Tex and Parnelli are long-time friends--Tex perhaps the wiser of the two. And Alistair is the smooth-talking newcomer who seems set to win Lizzy's hand. I29 is the freeway where Tex plans that the old folk might angelically rescue the stranded. But the first person rescued is Tex when he puts his back out, and Lizzy is the rescuer. The reader begins to hope for more out of their relationships, but first there are problems: Tex's secret sorrow, a fishing trip with attendant worms and rocking boats, eating well and exercise, and church. Parker introduces God, and Tex's aversion to God, in a very natural way. And just as the relationship issues are beginning to wear thin, faith and forgiveness rush into the fray. The last quarter of the book races past in a blur--threats and fear, excitement, healing and hope. The impossible turns out to be more than possible, and faith and love win through. This was a surprising book. I guess I didn't know what I was getting into, but I was more than glad to be carried along, and the ending left me smiling with tears in my eyes. A thoroughly enjoyable read--just don't expect the heroes to be perfect angels; they are the "Angels of Interstate 29" and you take them as you find them.

Sheila Deeth

If anyone thinks they are too old for love, think again. This delightful book of three "old codgers" around the young age of 70 meet a woman similar in age that just sweeps them off their feet! These men are definitely rough around the edges with their mild profanity in the beginning of the book. They smooth their speech out as well as work on slimming their waist size down in hopes of bagging this sweet chick for their very own. They have a sense of humor that won't let up. A pun with practically every breath and no one comes up for air. One problem: she has discovered she has many questions about God and wants to know how she can live to please Him and not just herself. Will they get her focus off God long enough to bring her to their home for the prize? Add to the competition pot: the foursome decides to start an organization named Angels. These are dependable folks who desire to help stranded people along Interstate 29, making that stretch of highway a safer place for people to travel. You now have one book full of adventure, fun, and yes, love. Those who are faint of heart with not so pretty language, take heart. Love does surprising things.

Pam Williams

The author said I looked a great deal like the way he envisioned his character would look and would I allow him to use my picture on the cover. I didn't see any reason why not, but I did find myself wanting to know if the similarity went further. I got my chance, he sent me a copy. I found it to be a light-hearted romp with three senior citizens courting a spry widow lady. I did identify with the characters, except for the phony talking professor and I don't believe I was supposed to like him anyway. I did relate to the character I was supposed to represent, althouh he used a bit of language I'd never use. Still, the widow lady made him clean up his act from even doing that. It was an enjoyable read, start to finish. Terry Burns The Mysterious Ways Series from River Oak Press

Terry Burns

I laughed until I thought I'd cry over the antics of these over-the-hill Angels. Boys will always be boys, regardless of their age, especially when a pretty little gal comes on the scene. Competition gets hot and heavy between life-long friends and a newcomer on the scene in the form of a snooty professor. Life takes on new meaning when these four decide they still have a lot of wear on their tires. They want to feel useful and so come up with the idea of helping strangers who have trouble along Interstate-29. That's when things get hot and not in the way they are expecting. A couple of small time crooks keep showing up like the proverbial bad pennies, making the Angels' lives miserable. The outcome will surprise you, make you laugh, cry and even stir up some anger. Just remember that all is fair in love and war. You'll want to read all of Donald James Parker's books after this one. They all have a different flavor, but excellence is the byword.

Irene Gardner - Utah

I downloaded "The Angels of Interstate 29" by Donald James Parker thinking I'd get to it after finishing the several books I was already into. But I made a big mistake - I read the first paragraph. After that there was no stopping. "Septuagenarian. Tex Harris rolled that word over in his mind. It didn't sit well. He swished it around his mouth and between his teeth a couple of times. It didn't taste any better." How could I resist a start like that? I read the whole thing. It was wonderful! Tex Harris can't believe he's seventy. He certainly doesn't feel like celebrating the fact. And there he is on his way to the Senior Center when he sees a car on the shoulder and a young woman trying to flag down some help. He slows down and can't help noticing how attractive she is. Turns out he isn't the only one who notices. The car ahead of him is backing up and two shady looking characters hop out. They tell Tex to be on his way, so as not to miss his shuffleboard game. Instead of taking off Tex goes back to his truck and calls for help. Turns out the guys are driving a stolen car. He goes back, this time with his shotgun, sends the woman and her sick child off in his truck and keeps his rifle trained on the bad guys. Unfortunately a rookie cop arrives before the sheriff and mistakes Tex for the bad guy. The assailants get away, threatening revenge, but the incident gives Tex an idea. Life takes on new meaning for him when he and his buddies form a group to patrol the highway and assist those who need help. They're joined by Lizzy, an attractive widow, and Tex finds he has competition for her affections. He also has some unresolved conflicts to deal with and the thugs who keep turning up to harass him. Parker has a knack for characterization and his dialogue is witty and real. The themes of faith and forgiveness are introduced without being heavy-handed. The pace moves along swiftly and there's enough conflict and suspense to keep the pages turning. It's a thoroughly entertaining tale that proves you're never too old for adventure and love. I don't read a lot of Christian fiction, but I really enjoyed this book and I'll be picking up any others written by Donald James Parker.

Gail Pruszkowski from "Romantic Times BOOK reviews"

Reviews for Homeless Like Me

This is a great book that gives meaning to the expression," But by the grace of God, there go I." This author has great insight into the world in the street and brings life to a dead place. Realistic and fun but also very serious and contemplative, any reader will find this one to be a jewel of a read.It brings great hope into a what looks like a hopeless situation.

Margaret Welborn Smith

"Whatever. So since it's not warm now, where are you sleeping?" "Here at the mission. Are you going to spend the night with us?" Brian's mouth fell open. "Me?" "Dude, if you're going to write a book about being homeless, you can't just put on the garb and expect the insight to magically appear in your head. You have to live the life for a while. This has to be an emotional experience so you can get the feeling into the book, not just the ideas." "But I ." "Do you want to write a best seller, or do you want to dink around wasting your time and mine?" "Well, of course I want to come up with a best seller, but I wasn't planning to go into the bowels of Hell to do it." "Dude, you don't know what Hell is. Being homeless is only a purgatory, or maybe you could call it a near Hell experience." Brian surveyed the occupants of the room. It was bad enough for him to share eating quarters with some of these people. The thought of sleeping in the same room with them made his stomach churn. Visions of having his scalp taken while he slumbered were impossible to shake off. He bit down on his lower lip. "Too much for you, ain't it? I should have known you didn't have what it takes when I first ran into you." Brian Anderson is writing his first book. He has decided to make it fiction about how it feels to be homeless and the best place to do his research is at the local shelter. So he dons his "bum" clothes, parks his car several blocks away and walks in. At least that was what he had planned but his plans are about to change when he has a knife stuck under his neck by shelter resident Zeke. It takes a little talking but he finally convinces Zeke that he is an ok guy and plans no harm to him or any of the other shelter people. Zeke, knowing what he does about living a life on the streets decides to become Brian's body guard and even moves in with Brian to help him with his book. But Zeke isn't the only homeless person Brian ends up taking in, even though in reality he is about to become one of them himself. As Brian meets the "shelter people," gets to know them and hears their stories he finds himself getting even more excited about his book. When he meets Miss Angel, a volunteer who helps serve meals, he decides she has the perfect name because she is truly an angel and the woman of his dreams. But they have a three letter bridge named God between them. Miss Angel is a Christian and Brian isn't. Now he has to find a way to bring her across the bridge to his side before she tries to drag him across to hers. Homeless Like Me is a wonderful book of trust, friendship and love which brings people across the bridge into the land of God. It has made me have second thoughts about some of the feelings I've had all my life regarding people and their personal ways of life. It reminds us that through God, anything can happen and happen for the best.

Martha Cheeves - author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

In his efforts to write the Great American Novel, Brian comes up with an ingenious idea: in order to depict the plights of homeless people struggling against poverty, he decides to masquerade as a homeless man. That way, his story will not only be convincing, it will also be based on the genuine, authentic experience of being homeless. As his journey unfolds, though, something quite unexpected happens to Brian: he falls for Angel, a vision of pure loveliness with a heart as big as the Grand Canyon. The only problem: Angel is an impassioned Christian soldier determined not to marry until God delivers her husband to her - whereas Brian has no use for religion at all. As his literary efforts evolve in an effort to win Angel's heart, Brian is little prepared for the ways in which he himself will actually be changed when all is said and done... Homeless Like Me courageously exposes the reader to one of the more often ignored aspects of the human experience. Deriving its name from a play on the title of the familiar work Black Like Me, author Donald James Parker's insightful tale chronicles a similar journey through the good, bad, and ugly experiences of a particular subset of the greater population. Without falling into hyperbole or exaggeration, Homeless Like Me provides the reader with invaluable insight into how devastating homelessness can be - as well as just how easily it can happen to anyone, regardless of the stability of your current situation. Despite the heaviness of the subject, though, Parker's trademark humor adds just the right touch of levity, providing an effective counterbalance to what could be a decidedly difficult subject to explore. A compelling read from beginning to end, Homeless Like Me is recommended reading for anyone unfamiliar with the specific trials and tribulations that accompany life as a homeless person. Sure to inspire an increased appreciation for the plights of people from all walks of life.NULL

Latonya Franklin - Apex Reviews

Reviews for Love Waits

You're still a virgin!" Judy's tone softened. "You know, girl, I can help you out here, so you can drop out of the losers club. I have a friend, wickedly cute by the way, who's got the same condition as you. I told him I'd be glad to help him solve his problem, but he doesn't want to be with a girl who's already done it. I think he feels insecure. You guys would be perfect for each other." Peer Pressure - As parents, we all know it's there, but do we really know how strong it can be? There are two kinds of peer pressure - one good and one bad. In Love Waits, Cheri is faced with both. At 14, should she take the sex plunge that Judy and some of the other girls have taken, or should she follow God's word and take the pledge to stay pure until marriage? It's a hard decision to make, especially after meeting Duke, the boy that Judy wants to set her up with. So which pressure will be the strongest and win Cheri over? Love Waits clearly brings to light the pressures faced by teens every day. As I remember back to my own teenage years, I can remember some of these pressures and how hard they were to resist. But I also feel that as time goes on, the pressures increase with each generation. Love Waits is a book that I wish had been around when my children were growing up. I would loved to have read it first, so I could better understand what my teens were going through, and then had them read it letting them know that they aren't alone. That there are kids out there just like them that have and are going through the same pressures. That they will carry the choices they make throughout their lives. To me, this is a book that needs to be read by all parents and teens.

Martha Cheeves - Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Surviving high school is one of the most challenging times in a teenager's life. And when you're new in town it's even more difficult. In "Love Waits" by Donald James Parker, fourteen year old Cheri is forced to face some tough problems when her mom dies and her dad moves them from a small town in Nebraska to the big city. It's bad enough that Cheri doesn't know anyone, but when one of the few girls she meets finds out she's still a virgin and tells everyone Cheri feels forced to rectify the situation. But she runs into a road block when her dad gets a neighbor to keep an eye on her. Cheri is all set to hate Jean but instead they develop a close relationship, one that changes Cheri's outlook - and her life. With the help of the grandmotherly woman next door neighbor Cheri goes through a process of self-discovery and religious re-awakening and learns about the consequences of pre-marital sex. Her new boyfriend is a member of Jean's church and the two likable teens are strong enough to embrace their faith and stand up to the pressure of their peers. Cheri, especially, seems wise beyond her years as she tries to deal with problems at home. When her mother died the relationship between father and daughter suffered and her dad turned to sports, alcohol and a new blonde bimbo to fill the emptiness. The story is heavy on faith-related content but what could have come across as preachy is instead presented as an entertaining story with a message - one that benefits adults as well as adolescents. I shared my copy with a sixteen year old girl. She had no trouble identifying with the characters in spite of some dialogue she felt was over the top. Teenage slang and humor changes with time and locale but the struggles are universal, the same ones that we all deal with. She was caught up in the story as I was and anxious to see where it would lead. Half way through the book it seemed as if the characters had grown in their relationships with each other and with God. Things were going smoothly and it appeared as if all was resolved. That's when the author threw another curve ball, added more conflict and the pages start flying again. This is a wonderful story about family, friends and God that parents might want to read along with their teenagers. It's a realistic look at contemporary teens and the challenges they face. That being said there is content that may make some readers uncomfortable. The author takes on some serious issues dealing with topics most of us don't want to think about including death, pre-marital sex, rape and teenage pregnancy. The dangers of promiscuity are spelled out, with very definite views on sex, relationships and abortion. This is a book with real life lessons and all presented in a sensitive way with messages of love, kindness and forgiveness. It's an inspirational story, I highly recommend it.

Gail Pruszkowski from "Romantic Times BOOK reviews"

This is a must for all teens!! What a great story of Godly teaching for our youth!! This story is realistic and very exciting and fast paced reading..An adventure you will remember for a long time. And a great encouragement for teens faced with these pressures of sex in today's society. I recommend this for every parent of a teenager.

Margaret W. Smith

Reviews for More Than Dust in the Wind

Book 2 of the Masterson Family Series, More Than Dust In The Wind finds protagonist Lance "Bambi" Masterson now on the collegiate scene, bravely leading his beloved Dakota State Trojans to glory on the basketball court. Despite his athletic prowess, Bambi soon stumbles in his personal life, running into a major roadblock in his relationship with the lovely Lisa Nielsen. The problem? Lisa is a Protestant, and Bambi is a Catholic, and ¿ before she will seriously consider marrying him ¿ Lisa requires that Bambi renounce his Catholic faith and join up with hers. Her ultimatum sends Bambi into an extended emotional quagmire, in which he struggles to reconcile his love for her with his devotion to his personal faith.

Because he turns to God for the answers to his problems, though, the resolution is soon provided to Bambi, and he realizes that he doesn't have to split hairs with Lisa over a manmade practice when spiritual faith is the ultimate key that will unlock all the doors to their future. In addition, when a powerful prophecy is given to him by a pastor at a not-so-random church service one day, the light of understanding and wisdom further begins to shine in his life, and Bambi becomes more at ease with fulfilling his true spiritual calling.

Unfortunately, the sudden onset of a devastating illness eventually overcomes Bambi, and, in the midst of mentoring his promising young daughter, Maria, his life is cut tragically short, preventing him from seeing the prophecy of her life unfold; however, in true spiritual fashion, her prophetic anointing does indeed play out, and Maria pledges to continue on in the same spirit of faithfulness and devotion as her beloved father.

Donald James Parker provides the reader with much spiritual food for thought in More Than Dust In The Wind. Confronted with such issues as faith in the face of adversity and trust in times of despair, everyone must take deep, introspective looks within themselves when trying to understand precisely why they (and others) tend to respond in the ways that they do. With that motif of internal conflict serving as a backdrop, Parker does a commendable job of allowing the reader to take vicarious peeks into his/her own soul via the trials and difficulties that beset Bambi, Lisa, and ultimately Maria. By humanizing our common struggles, More Than Dust In The Wind serves as a helpful vehicle for spiritual enlightenment and individual growth. Kudos to Parker for penning such a moving tale of strength, commitment, and perseverance.

Latonya Franklin - Apex Reviews

The main character in Donald James Parker's second book from a five
novel series about the Masterson family is a young man by the name of
Bambi. He is a basketball player who steps up to college level, realizing
as he grew older that energy, and talent was not enough to win the game.
Bambi makes it to the National Tournament with support from Lisa, but
then his life makes a complete turn, and he's forced to set priorities.
He begins to realize with age that we make choices and decisions, and
regardless of whether those choices were the right moves to make, we
must live with them. I recommend this novel to teens, and adults who
enjoy a fascinating story of life, with a blend of spiritual guidance.
For many years, Bambi was on his own mission trying to learn how to
make good decisions, realizing that we must have an open mind while
searching for answers. While on his mission, he leads his family to
walk on a different road, and their lives change forever. The author
created an uplifting story that fills the pages with inspiration.
"More Than Dust In The Wind" is as heartwarming as "For Love Of The
Game" with Kevin Costner. This novel is full of soul and spirit with a
remarkable, and affecting story that the reader will never forget!

Geri Ahearn

Reviews for Reaching a New Generation of Kids for Christ

My son's first year in public school was a difficult one for us and it left us wondering if we should pay thousands of dollars every year to place him in a christian private school. Our dismay was that the public school system seemed so anti-God and at least the Word would be taught to him in a private school. In reading Bob's book the heavens opened up before me! I know now that God is WELCOME in the public schools & the government has made sure to protect that fact. At first I was upset that the secular community had "tricked us" but the truth is THE BODY OF CHRIST HAS COWERED DOWN and allowed a misconstrued court ruling to put fear in our hearts! God has always called His people to be courageous and move in faith not fear! We have not been Berean's in this situation there fore we are ignorant of the facts. The blame falls squarely upon our shoulders for the "god-less" situation in the public schools. People of God it is time to return to the public schools! The church needs to arise from fear & lead the next generation back to Jesus. I believe Bob Heath is anointed by our Father to gather & equip a generation of faithful Christians who will gather the NEXT generation of prayer warriors & passionate lovers of Jesus right out of the PUBLIC SCHOOLS! The information in his book will equip you to stand strong and go spread the gospel in spite of how difficult it looks!

Sherri Carrasco

Robert Heath is passionate about reaching kids for Christ! This book will give you all of the knowledge, tools, and advice needed to reach kids for Christ in your son's or daughter's own school. For years parents and teachers alike have feared legal recourse due to the idea of "separation of church and state." These fears are based on a myth that has made many Christians afraid to even mention the name of our Lord and Savior within a public school setting, causing tens of thousands of children to grow up never learning about Jesus. This book will once and for all calm your fears and equip you with the confidence to win the "separation of church and state" argument forever! Included are suggested activity guides for a Bible club, and even advice about how to get permission to start a Bible club in your child's school. If you are passionate about reaching children for Christ, then you have been directed to the perfect guide to help you achieve The Great Commission in the community where you already live!

T. Kent

Reviews for Reforming the Potter's Clay

In a youth culture bewitched by Harry Potter, Donald James Parker's Reforming the Potter's Clay is a timely YA novel that wields some powerful magic of its own. The story begins when widower Salvatore Morales, a Christian dad leery of the occult, refuses to allow his 14-year-old son Pedro and 12-year-old daughter EJ read Harry Potter. But when the woman Sal is dating turns out to be an extreme Harry Potter fan, Pedro and EJ convince him to discover the truth for himself by reading the book with them. Thus begins an intriguing journey into the spiritual realm where Pedro and EJ, along with six other friends known as "The God Squad," encounter the reality of good versus evil on the streets of Anywhere, U.S.A. I absolutely loved this book. I do not generally read YA, but Donald James Parker has written a compelling novel that not only deals with the difficult issues of the occult in today's pop culture, but does so in a manner that mesmerizes and entertains, revealing key spiritual truths that are vital to today's youth. A powerful must-read for the YA market, their parents and beyond.

Julie Lessman - author of rhe Daughters of Boston series

Esperanza (sometimes called EJ) and her brother Pedro Morales were hanging out at their friend's house. Faith and her brother, Matthew Nelson. EJ and Pedro's father Salvador and Faith and Matthew's mother Barbara really like each other a lot. Salvador wants to see Barbara again unfortunately this match may not work. Barbara and Sal are both Christians but when Barbara tells Sal that she has plans to take her children on Saturday to get the new Harry Potter book, Sal gets upset with Barbara. Sal asks Barbara why she would do that when as Christians the bible warns against pursuing witchcraft and devils. So EJ, Pedro and their dad Sal decide to check out the Harry Potter books to see exactly what they all are about and why their pastor has warned them against reading them. While driving home the Morales' spot a new family moving into the neighborhood. They stop and introduce themselves. The family has a daughter named Tamela, her brother Adam and her dad Frank Barnet. The Barnet's are Christians too. During one of the visits to the Nelson's, Pedro and EJ are introduced for the first time to a Oujai board. Pedro and EJ decide not to tell their father about it but they do feel awful about trying the Oujai board out. They decide to tell Tammy and Adam about it. Adam and Tammy want to help teach Pedro and EJ about the evils in the world that surround us and how to not be catch up in them. Tammy and Adam have the gift of faith and helping to spread the word of the Lord. Adam every one in a while feels the Lord directing him to someone in need. Adam, Tammy, Pedro, and EJ follow Adam throughout the neighborhood helping. The group comes across two other kids named Timmy and Chung who want in too. The group decides to call themselves the God Squad. From then on their mission is to help other kids learn about God. Every morning before they head into school they pray around the flagpole but Mr. Dawson, one of the teachers wants to break up this group. I really enjoyed Mr. Parker's use of the inserting scriptures from the Bible as reference throughout the book. Also, I thought Adam and Tammy were great in the fact that they were teaching the rest of the kids more about God and the word. It goes to show you that it does not matter who you are or what age you can always help by being one of the Lord's shepards. There are plenty of opportunities everywhere to counsel people if you are just willing to take a moment to look and listen. I loved when the children were facing adversities that they never gave up their strong beliefs in God, even when teachers were telling them they could get in trouble for praying or when other kids might think the God Squad was uncool or weird. Don't get me wrong that all Christians are perfect as we aren't but you do have to be open in saying Jesus I have done wrong and I need your help. We all need help as humans, we just need to choose the right ways and places to seek that help. Like the Bible says "He who has not sinned, cast the first stone". I want to thank Mr. Parker for writing these types of books and not being afraid to share the word through them. God Bless.

Cheryl's Book Nook Reviews

Once again tackling the tough subjects, in Reforming the Potter's Clay, Donald James Parker takes on Harry Potter and the occult. Are the books as innocent as they seem, or do they pose a darker threat: making magic seem normal and desirable? The Morales family is about to find out. Widower Sal Morales has two children, Pedro and Esperanza, better known as EJ. He also has a girlfriend, divorcee Barbara Nelson, whose two children are friends with his children. Barbara's kids are heavily into the Harry Potter books, and this almost causes a breakup between them. When Sal agrees to read some of the books with his kids to check them out himself, he's opening a door to something strange. Before long, Pedro and EJ discover that Faith and Matthew Nelson, although Christians, are into some occult practices that are putting them in danger. After an evening playing with a Ouija board with their friends, Pedro and EJ feel really weird. When some new people move into the neighborhood, Pedro and EJ make friends with the kids, and start out on a new adventure. Adam and his sister Tammy, Chung, and some of the other kids start a "God Squad," to try to witness to their friends. In the meantime, strange things keep happening, and, as the school year starts, life in middle school becomes a real challenge. Reforming the Potter's Clay is a challenging but fun look at the world of the occult that is blossoming around us. Parker's witty repartee in no way detracts from the message of the book, but it does make it interesting. You'll find magic and miracles in this book, with the attendant dangers brought to light in an engaging story. All the way through, the love, power and majesty of God are shown to be far surpassing any paltry magical powers a human can try to access. Reading this book may not change your life, but it may help you to change the lives of others. A recommended read, especially if you have ever read Harry Potter, the Golden Compass, or other anti-God fiction.

Hope Chastain - Arkansas

Reforming the Potter's Clay is not your standard book. Nor is it what some classify as “Christian Writing.” No, that would not be doing it justice, for although the story is built around a family who happens to believe in God, the overall message of the book transcends any particular dogma or singular world view. Rather, it is the universal message told over and over again, albeit in a contemporary and well written story. That universal message is one of inner strength and eternal faith.

See the whole review at Great New Books

Peter Jones, PhD - Colorado

WOW! Reforming the Potters Clay was amazing, it really pulled me, The ending was a little depressing but it just made the book that more realistic. my mom wants to read it now after listening to me talk and talk about it, we have been disscusing some things that happened in the book, it was really fun reading it. oh and guess what! i plan on being a writter as well when i grow up, so its fun to read realistic stories for me, thank you so much!

Makalya Byrnes - Colorado

Immersed in the cauldron of secular America, burgeoning hormones and peer pressure, eight kids assume the mantle of goodness in author Donald James Parker's, Reforming The Potter's Clay. Guided by an extraordinarily blessed young man, two brother and sister teams join with other young people in their search for a way of life - a way of life that makes charitable sense in a peerage currently worshiping the accumulation of personal power exemplified by author Rowling's Harry Potter. Accompanying his characters in spirit, author Don Parker relates his character's quests for compassionate living with humor, fairness and a clear understanding of the forces at work. Combating human hubris with the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, through prayer and thanksgiving, Adam Barnet and his sister Tammy, aided by Esperanza and Pedro Morales, challenge the notion that true wisdom is born in the heart of man. Timely and poignant, with a host of recognizable relationships, Reforming The Potter's Clay includes readers in an entertaining, if subject intense, examination of witchcraft's effect on our children and their prospects for happiness in a culture that exalts the individual as criteria absolute. Easily read, and suitable for children of all ages, I heartily recommend Mr. Donald James Parker's most recent book release, Reforming the Potter's Clay.

Dante Longo II

Reviews for The Bulldog Compact

Blessed with the vigor of youth, the hubris of adolescence, and the naivete of small town America, Lance "Bambi" Masterson, in author Donald James Parker's novel, The Bulldog Compact, tackles a challenge greater than the influences that would bind him to indifference. Compelled by frustration and pride, guided by historical precedence, supported by a loving family and close friends, young Masterson plunges head first into the turbulent waters of accomplishment. Intent on determining his own role in an heartland high school community, he embraces the ultimate challenge while deciphering the world around him. In the course of singular dedication, Bambi encounters the reluctance of peers to accept a wholesome, purpose driven life while confronting his own capering demons. Assistance from an unlikely source sets the stage for Don Parker's next book in his Masterson family series: More Than Dust in the Wind. The Bulldog Compact rewards readers with a cast of entertaining and probable characters; a coming of age story realistically presented. On-the-court flourish, sensitive interaction, insight into the mechanisms of determination; and the pitfalls of obsession, contribute to this poignant tale of one young man's struggle to realize his dream.

Dante Longo II

"The Bulldog Compact" is a book I highly recommend. Once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. A young 8th grade boy has a dream of winning the state high school basketball championship someday ( a feat previous teams from his high school had never done.) As an 8th grader he gets a group of young men together to put forth a compact to help accomplish their goal. As the years go by there are many challenges to their compact both from their peers and from themselves. Do they accomplish the goal? You will have to read the book to find the answer. In addition to being well written and captivating, I found the book to be very motivational and inspirational. An inspiring book for people of all ages. Mr. Parker did a nice job!

Derrill Hanson - South Dakota

Traditions are normally looked upon as good things, particularly if they’ve been around for an extended period of time. In Madison, South Dakota, though, there’s one particular tradition that the local folks would love to forget: that of their high school basketball team’s losing ways. Try as they might, the men’s basketball team can’t escape the doldrums of defeat year after year, and this somber legacy has upset no one more than Lance “Bambi” Masterson, member of the local junior high’s basketball team and proud supporter of his local community. Fed up with seeing his town’s team being laughed off the court time and again, Bambi resolves to put some skin in the game and exhorts his teammates to join him in “The Bulldog Compact,” a uniform declaration in which all the boys agree to do whatever it takes to win a state basketball championship before they graduate from high school. No good deed goes unpunished, though, and, despite their noble intentions, the boys soon find themselves beset on all sides by various external distractions – and they even find it more challenging than they previously thought to realize their ultimate goal. Along the way, hearts are broken, allegiances tested, and many a lesson is learned as the boys mature into young men – a process that’s challenging enough on its own. Throughout it all, though, Bambi grows into a strong, spiritually sound individual who, once he embraces the full spectrum of his true power – becomes quite an impressive young man with an infinitely fruitful future ahead of him. The initial installment of the Masterson Family Series, The Bulldog Compact introduces the reader to a host of compelling characters, chief among them Bambi, the fearless protagonist, and Lisa, the intriguing apple of his eye. In his debut tale, Donald James Parker bestows upon his assorted cast the challenging task of displaying for the reader the various difficulties and ultimate rewards of living a life of discipline and dedication. Naturally, the road is not always smooth, but, with the end goal in mind, the challenges that present themselves are never permanent roadblocks especially if we learn to rely on a strength greater than our own. Bambi does just that, allowing the reader to realize the value of adopting his/her own personal faith and fostering its ultimate growth and development. A heart-warming tale of victory through perseverance, The Bulldog Compact is quite the enjoyable read.

Apex Reviews