Donald James Parker

Donald James Parker Biography

Don is a 1968 graduate of Madison Central High School in Madison, South Dakota. He graduated from Dakota State University in Madison in 1972 with a degree in secondary education. After moving to Washington State in 1981, Don studied computer programming and turned his writing efforts to software. Don's road to becoming an author is not the typical one. Totally immersed in work and other mundane affairs, Don woke at two o'clock one morning with a sensation he had heard a voice saying, "Write a book about evolution." Don, being of sound mind, rolled over and went back to sleep. In the morning, the memory of that incident came back to him vividly. For some unknown reason, the man who believed that God spoke to some people but not to him spoke out a simple prayer of "Lord, did you ask me to write a book about evolution last night?" A still small voice spoke in words that still reverberate through Don's life, "And when you're done with that, I want you go to go after Harry Potter and the sexual revolution." Don obeyed. Most of his books involve those three topics. The call to go after Harry Potter has been translated as Harry Potter and all occultic things. So Twilight gets attention as well in the book Against the Twilight. In addition other cultural issues are examined through the characters in Don's novels. Homelessness, addictive substances, broken relationships, and religious contention are involved in some of the subthemes of the books. In addition to the books that Don has composed, he writes for The Christian Pulse webzine, Christian Fiction Online Magazine, and He also hosts a radio show on Blogtalk radio named Wielding the Sword of the Spirit and another for an organization called Across the Nations. Bottom line: Don wants to align his life with God's will. His goal is not to attain the praise of man but of God. This desire makes it extremely difficult for Don to ever be embraced as an author by the general populace, but to revise an old John Wayne quote, "A crusader's gotta do what a crusader's gotta do.

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