Pastor Luke Wolfe is a man with a mission: to close down the rest of the churches in town and to build a facility that will be the gem of the community. He also aims to put a wedding ring on the hand of his church's pianist, the most attractive eligible woman in town. His plans hiccup when Pastor Evan Shephard arrives in town and rents the vacant church building formerly known as Old Rugged Cross. Not only does Wolfe have a new rival for the piano player's affection, but also for the hearts of the citizens of the town he desires to dominate, including his own son, the youth pastor of his mega church.

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Cast Members
Kelly Nelon Clark as Anita Rock
David Vandergriff as Pastor Luke Wolfe
Michael K. Johnson as Lukie Wolfe
Collin Alexander Brown as Steve
Juli Tapken as Connie Jensen
Ken Dohse as Ralph Jensen
Maranda Vandergriff as Barbie Jensen
James Alcorn as Billy Jensen
Royce Henry as Fred
Amelia Mann as Angie
Tony Caudill as real estate agent
Sheyenne Hembree as Tammy Fredrickson
Bob (Stretch) Cleeland as Pastor White
Chris Palmer as Pastor Jones
Donald James Parker as Pastor Evan Shephard

Director of Photography: Ricky Burchell and Nate Juetten

Edited by Don Stafford

Makeup by Jennifer Whitus, Katie and Maranda Vandergriff, and Teresa Finch Parker

Music by Professor Lanny Lanford and The Nelons

Crew Members:

Chris Free
Richard (Preach) Kemp
Katie Vandergriff
Jeremy Chesser
Teresa Finch Parker

Photos from the shoot - thanks to Katie Vandergriff