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Welcome to my guestbook. Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping me a note. God bless! To leave a comment click on the picture that says Sign Guestbook.
Donald Parker

Dear Donald, I have watched a few of your movies including Gramps Goes to College and In Gramp's Shoes. I found them full truly inspirational, funny, heart-warming and full of faith. All glory to GOD for prompting you to make these films. God bless, Jenny

Donald We want to first Praise the Lord For opening this door for you in sharing the truths from the Word of God through these movies and how the battles we face Jesus has won the victory and we are keeping our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith. We truly are in a battle today as Gods Word says.Eph.6:12 We both evangelize and are putting on a witness class to help others share the gospel without fear and going over the Armor of God. Times have been changing so much but we Praise you Jesus that when you return you will make all things right. Thank you Donald for your obedience listening to the Lord's still small voice to minister to many out there who need to know Jesus Christ as Lord and King. Jesus Saves! In Christ Alone Col.1:27 Steve and Sharon Burnell
Steve and Sharon Burnell

I love your portrayal of the underdog using calm, rational logic to speak the divine truth! Keep up the great work.
Ader Titsoff

Such A Talented Author, Nice!
Ben Dover

Donald’s literary genius has me taking two of his books at once. Loving it!
Hugh G. Rection

Dear Donald, I came across your website after watching your wonderful film “An Unexpected Bar Mitzvah”. I was enthralled by the tale and the set design. What a wonderful message of love and hope your film shared with me. I was inspired to share it with the ladies at my bridge club, three of whom came to Jesus after viewing. Praise be to god and YouTube for sharing the gospel. I now have plans to show my grandchildren Gramps Goes to College. Two of them will be going to college in the fall and I feel that the messages in this film will help prepare them to guard their hearts against the temptations they may face. Keep up your amazing work sharing the gospel with those who need to hear it. There are many such people in this age. With kindest regards and prayers, Mary, Connecticut.

I’m watching all of your movies now. God bless

Hi, I love your movies! When will you have more?
Forest Wallingford

We love your movies! We're from chattanooga and would love to be extras if the opportunity arises!! Please reach out, anything to spread the word of God
John Waller

Hi Donald! I am a huge fan, I just started watching your movies and I can’t get enough, please continue to film movies. I would love to hear from you one day!
Camille Ricci

Fantastic flicks Same age as Donald,here in mlitary land ..n.w. florida Lee, in His love
L.Mark Mckee

Mr. Parker My wife and I just wanted to let you know that we enjoy your movies and that we are praying for you and that, if God allows, you will get your movies out to encourage this world of ours. God bless
Barry Dearth

I see some of your movies are over 5 years. I have been enjoying watching them! So wonderful to see actual films that uphold scriptural instructions and encourage us to stand on the Word! Thank you!
Cathy Oberg

I was so BLESSED to see your movie, my first of yours to see, that I can't wait to watch the rest of them. Looks like a marathon is fixing to happen. I'm looking for someone to turn my dad's autobiography into a movie, if you are interested, my email is Pacific Garden Mission program "UNSHACKELD" put it to a 30 minute radio program. His book and the name of the program is, "THE NIGHTMARE OF A FIVE YEAR OLD" by Neil James Westra.
Casey Westra

The movies that you have on You Tube are a real inspiration and explain the gospel in the way anyone can understand, thanks so much...

Dear Donald, I am a PhD in statistics and have a long working life behind me (In august I become 50). During all those years, God has been with me. Unfortunately, I have been very much worrying about a lot in my life. This to the extend that 3 weeks ago I have seen the Light: God has given me the text that I should look at Him and all other things will be given to me. I bother much too much on the things which in the end are not important. I write this to you as I want to say that you show the way to others in your work on the internet. I now have about 2 days long during my COVID looked at your youtube videos. I am very grateful for the work you do. So, I can't say how much I appreciate what you do, but I can say that I feel/know that your work has the blessing of the Lord. Thanks and I hope that you will continue directing people to the Light of the world. The Light that showed me that I shouldn't bother about my marriage which seemed to be ended. After I focused myself on God, my wife has stated to want to continue our mariage. I loved her all the time, but there are many things I do wrong. Thank you for all the good work. I will now continue praying for you by someone who in his life has been working with professors from OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, HARVARD and other universities and knowing to be recognized by his stats work. But most important of all, from someone who has just heard 3 weeks ago that I may focus myself on God and He will cause that our life will be like He wants if we let Him. Please, only stop because you pass away. There is a lot of work to do. People need you.

Wow sir! Just watched "In Gramps Shoes" twice! Awesome movie! Thank you for making it! God bless you! Lee Williams

May God continue to use you as His vessel for His Glory. 1 Samuel 16: 1-13 God chooses whom He uses.
Ms. Lincee Tang

I just watched Gramps Goes to College. EXCELLENT. Such great teaching! I loved it. Praise Yeshua/Jesus for your service to the Kingdom and how many will find salvation from your books and films. I will seek out the rest of your films. May Yah Bless You Richly for Your Service!
JoAnn Conrad

I just found out about you from an article in a book called CHRISTIAN FILM STARS. I have a book on Amazon and it is being made into a film with actor Dean Cain. Please e-mail as, perhaps, you might want me on your radio show?
Robert Harmon

Dear Mr Parker, Your films have provided a great amount of happiness to myself and those close to me. Thank you for creating the type of film a family can all watch and enjoy together for different reasons. I wish you all the best and look forward to your future endeavours. In Christ, Elle.

My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i'm following you. Look forward to going over your web page for a second time.| ?
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So much to dive into here! I have always been fascinated with how things work and mesh together. I want to get deep into the books and movie and try to understand it from a different angle. Take it from behind and try to make the movie a new idea of my own. Love to see what else you have. I watch these movies with my partner all the time. And we enjoy all the messages you bring. They are firm and easy to grasp, yet not so much that you dont lose your grip when you try to give it a good squeeze and wrap your head around it. Keep up the good work my friend!
Gerald Allan Youthman

Would like to see you make some more movies. Keep up the good work!
David williams

Books are interesting as well as your websiute.
Joyce Kaiser

I watched the movie, "In Gramps' Shoes" this morning and absolutely loved it. God bless you.
Sandra Zimmerle

Hi Don, I really appreciate your obedience to the call of God by writing books and making movies, to combat Devil and to break down his scheme. This is an awesome and noble task! I salute you! Taking back the entertainment and education mountains is so crucial at this time. Thanks for writing your bio. very interesting. More Don! Love and Blessings, Esther
Esther Cochran

The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah was a great christian movie.
Samuel Brock Flynn

I just purchased your book, Mission Improbable. But I did it through Amazon a couple days ago. I'm enjoying it very much.
Sunny Duane

Just watched Gramps goes to College - loved it. I'm friends with Courtney Simpson - but very pleasantly surprised by the work - great message. I work for a college as does my sister (she's a biology professer) who had to take on the establishement to get Good Friday holiday re-established - it came with a cost but well worth it to her. All my best to you and your mission - keep building on the True foundation of life.
sandra grice

I like your films. And you are very talented .
Samuel Brock Flynn

Dear Mr. Parker, I too was touched by "My Christmas Soldier". So much so I had given my only DVD copy to a friend and wanted to order another one for myself to share with others. So I went online and just Googled "My Christmas Soldier" and discovered you. I believe everything happens for a reason. Actually, I call them "Godwink" moments. I hope our paths will cross someday, until then, please visit our website at There you will find we too have a unique story that has recently been put to film. It's also a moving story about loving soldiers that takes place thousands of miles from here in a small town in the Czech Republic called Pilsen. Hopefully we will be able to chat someday on the phone, if you would like I can be reached at..... Doug LaViolette The Brian LaViolette Foundation 1135 Pleasant Valley Drive Oneida,Wisconsin 54155 929.655.4098 Thank you for your important work. It looks like you have a special calling that you've been following for a long, long time. Doug
Doug LaViolette

Your bio brought to mind one of my favorite quotes from Leonard Ravenhill you may be familiar with: "If a million people smiled on me while I knew God frowned on me, I would not be happy. But if God smiled on me while a million people frowned on me, I would not be unhappy."
Zonie Plemmons

THANK YOU Donald Parker for letting me be on the In Gramps Shoes movie. You are a true friend and good christian actor . I like you books and shows.

Well spoken really! !. With thanks, Wonderful stuff!
Teresita Melugin


Your information was given to me by Ahsley Raymer-Brown who has worked with my sons. I have fraternal twins that have played the same character and also look enough different to play side by side as different characters. They both have a decent amount of acting under their belt and are both Cross Country Runners and distance runners on the track team. I am trying to send you a video reel and head shots for the running film you are auditioning for but am not sure how to send it to you. Please let me know what link or E-mail to send it to. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.
Karen Martion

I read your review of Snowfall Press. They look great. Have you looked at Lightning Source? I wanted to learn how they compare. Pros and cons. Can you give me insight?
Linda Breitman

Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, thank you.
Lyon escorte

bookmarked!!, I really like your web site!
Frederica Aubrecht

I found your film reviews of our client list very balanced and fair...I have some other books and films that might be of interest to you -please email me as I have some other Pure Flix films we would like to offer for review consideration - thank you Ben Laurro Pure Publicity
Ben Laurro

Donald, it was a pleasure getting to know you today on the google hangout. You have a very nice site here. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author
Deborah H. Bateman

i am happy to read about your biography,God bless you.
Pastor Geoffrey Ssango

A new guest viewing this site. I am bless to meet a wonderful person. Thank you so much for giving time to talk earlier inspite of your hectic schedule and lots of work to finished. God continue to keep you and bless you abundantly. You have a very simple yet inspiring website.

I am very impressed with your Website and your work for God. I am reaading the book about the basketball game, very interesting. Mr. Parker you are a "Great" writer and I plan to purchase all of your books.
Laura Etta Elswick

Hi Donald! I was writing to see if I could get your permission to sell your books for my new publishing site? I'd buy directly from your site under "Inspire the Fire" or "Indelible Publications" - undecided on that detail but I will let you know when our bookstore goes live. Let me know what you think. I am a HUGE FAN (more than I am sure you know, lol) and would love to have you included on our "Favorite Authors" Page. Let me know what you think. =)
Jennifer Jo Bingham

God bless you abundantly....
Deborah A Stewart

Wonderful site with great essays and resources ! Thanks for sharing this with me' I will pass this on to others ! God bless you always !
Rev.Dr.Jimmy Blank, D.D.

I have been to your website and would like to help others find you. I would like to invite you to join our new social network for new and aspiring authors. You can promote your work on our site by adding your link in your profile or you can utilize our blog, video or discussion tools. We also welcome comments on the work that others add to the site. Please take a look and let me know what you think. the social network for authors and their fans Arthur Dodge
Arthur Dodge

Hi Don - just read your article in Christian Fiction Online. I am a published author and wondered about being on your show and or having my books reviewed. Please email the address above. Thanks! Marcia
Marcia Laycock

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chilaka solomon

Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.
Coffee Makers

Thanks for inviting me to check out your books.
Lynnda Ell

Hey, Really awesome books. Maybe I'll read some one day.
Kayla Hubbard

Thank you for inviing me to look at your work. That's quite a scope you are covering. Keep getting the truth out with love and grace. God bless you as you and your work reflect Him. Sincerely, Mike
Mike Atkinson

Indeed great story u have here. It would be nice to read something more about that theme. Thank you for sharing this material.

Wow. I came to just “check-out” the site and stayed and stayed and stayed. You hooked me with the first synopsis. As I “checked-out” the others I began to make a list. There are four books I’d like to read. This was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for inviting me to visit your site.
Ginny Hamlin

Hi Donald, I just visited your Website and I am impressed. You wrote to me on a Christian Site for Singles. As I said in my profile I have always been nervous about meeting men on line, but your site has set my mind at ease. Looking forward to talking with you.

thanks for inviting me to see your work, Don wow, keep up the good work God Bless
Nina Belle

i read the snippets from your books. Very interesting. I wil begin to download and read some them.

yes, I think I would like your stories....a friend of mine has some of them already...I will steal them from her!
Linda Couch

Hey thanks for the book, reading it now. You really didn't need to pay me though for singing lessons, as there is no evidence of success..... Hey we talk just like the two old farts in the book....
Manuel Herbert

Very nice website, Donald! Thank you for inviting me here from MySpace! In His Love, Patti
Patti Bozzelli

hi, it's great to discover ur books.they've really touched my life and caused me to reexamine my christian walk. You're indeed a blessing.

this is john your friend from myspace "open up your eyes" page. great site i'll view more.
John (Arch EL)

I love your stories they have been very inspirational to me. I have even shared them with my christian romance group. Thank You!!!!!!!!!! God Bless y'all

Don, I am dumbfounded. I have always wanted to meet a published author. Your books sound so timely, (in light of all the Twilight hipe) and is it true, there is a young adult audience (I should say, readers) that many of your themes relate to. In your busy world would you be able to use some themes in my life as a basis. I'd love to share bits and pieces through emails, CDFF or personal communication. Thanks for emailing me on the CDFF. The book covers and titles are captivating in themselves, I can only imagine the contents, and I will look for them. Thanks for inviting me to your website. I am impressed, because it looks like talent and God's hand. I might be a little shy to call you and sing a lyric or two, just yet. janmarie (from Puyallup)
Janis Williams

Thank you for inviting me to look at your page. I'm still not sure had to add others links to mine, but I will get it figured out.
Vicki Connery

Hi...just stopped by to check out your books... Don't like the fact that one of the characters with not the best motives, is named "Judy" Green... Just kidding with you...Judy P.S. if you google Judith C. Johnson, or go to Amazon and enter it or the name "Poppel" you can see my books...
Judy Zollar

Don, I am really looking forward to reading your books! Thank you for following God's direction in your writing. You are an amazing man with a wonderful vision. God bless you in your future endeavors!
Gini Beaver

Awesome website Don! God bless you and your family! :)
Lori E. Mazzola

Facinating plot lines and quite articulated writing that express intrigue and lively characters from what I can see.
Rose Jamieson


Hey Donald! God bless you! Just wanted to thank God for your comment on the one blog on the Christian Vampire website. Incredible! I am absolutely flabbergasted at the apostasy and blindness that Christians are living in. I honestly think that they are not truly born again. I am on the warpath against this whole Twilight garbage that is now being fed to young Christian teens. I can't seem to find a whole lot of believers that are against this. You'll be the first man of God to write a book that is against Christian vampirism! This must be part of the great falling away that Paul talked about where it is written that they shall believe "fables" ( i.e. Twilight or Thirst) having itching ears to feed their lusts and being friends with the world not understanding what sanctification means!! J.P.
John Poirier

I can't wait to start reading your e-books. I'll start right away.
Mary Nickum

Signing ur guestbook:) Can't wait to read your E~Books..they look good:)

Thank you for recommending your book. God wants all of us to be passionate and pure.
Donnette Norman

I enjoyed looking at your personal web and the books you have written. I know my grandchildren would like them. I also went to your company website. Could you put pictures of your hard copies on the site. It isn't clear to some? I enjoyed both. Prayers for a Blessed Thanksgiving for you and your Family. In Christ's name, Jim and Paulette Harris
Paulette Harris

Hi Donald, I just read your article on the last of the CMA newsletters about setting up an E-book. I have been giving my non-fiction books about Jesus to friends and have had really great responses....not that many people have bought my book yet but they get to hear about my experience with Jesus. One woman said, "Every woman she read your book." Anyway your article was timely and I'm going to look into the E-book. My book, Susan Sees God, is available on God Bless, susan P.S. also I think I heard you once being interviewed on Christian radio. Any hints for me about how to get on the radio? P.P.S. Your books look great. I'm going to tell my 3 teens about them.
Susan Bradshaw MacLyman

Donald Parker...Not just an imnpressive man for his obvious accomplishments, but a very impressive person for what he is, that is not at first visible to the naked eye. A man of God and a man of integrity, David Brown
David Brown

The cover says a lot and you are so right on , wait on the one you love, an unforgetable event.
Jay Singletary

Mr. Donald James Parker, What a neat idea you have of a location where people can download your books and read them at no cost. I have written a book and e-mailed it to many people free. It would certainly be easier to spread my message with a system like yours. I would like to get further info from you about how you set up this website for downloading your books! Thanks and have a blessed week! Deborah Solomon
Deborah Solomon

Hey there, great name in the new one "Love Waits". Can't wait to read this one as well as the other ones I've missed. Congrats on your new site, looks fantastic! God Bless.

sign me up for your blog, please... :-) thanks
Kelly Lowe

These books really sound good. Especially to give to my grandchildren after I read them.
Rose Hamilton

We all LOVE your books.....keep up the good work! May God bless you abundantly as you serve Him. Betty Lynne
Betty Lynne

Nice to have met you.....keep up the good work!
Betty Lynne

Couldn't find me. Will you let me know where you've put me? Thanks for everything Donald. Ms. "V"
Ms. "V" Victoriap Thomas Poller.

Dear Donald, U r an Instrument in the hands of God... I am immensely happy in ectasy seeing how God is blessing other peoples life through ur books and apt counselling...May God expand ur boundaries that u may sour like an eagle and climb the highest mountain for the expansion of God's kingdom.. Keep rocking for my Lord, brother... Go ahead....
Tabitha Faith God

Fisst time on website. Just checking it out. can you help? how do I get the book? Angels of interstate 29?
Mick Hultengren

Thanks for checking out my blog You are the author of the books on your site? I would be interested in having my daughter who is 17 read one of your books and doing a review. She is an excellent writter and loves to read and these books sound right up her alley. Thanks, Kris
kris daniel

Hi came across you on a fellow FB friends site.. I am blessed to have found your site!
Rhoda Weber

Enjoyed the books I've read so far. You are a very uplifting writer. Thank you for many delightful hours.
Marinela Christel

thanks for the invite
Carla Roberson

Hi, I use eBay to sell various products and have begun using ... which is working well. Does anyone have more site suggestions for free classified ad type sites? thank you

I love inspirational and life's lesson books. Thanks for introducing me to your websites, etc.
Willa Fae Loveday

Thank you for the link to your site. It was a nice one to navigate through. I really enjoyed some of the books you have posted, and will be back to read up.
Freda Mans

We are new friends on Facebook. I am impressed with your offerings and variety of subject material. I have limited time for reading but I will make time for "More Than Dust in the Wind". May God give you many more opportunities to share your books with hundreds of thousands more! God bless you!
Russell Miller

God bless you, Don, as you serve and exalt Him with your sanctified imagination.
Ray Ashmore

Very interesting site.
Gerry Chambers

I found your name on Daniel Meyoseff's FB site. Your writing looks like something I would enjoy reading. I'm glad I 'happened' upon it.
Diane Dornberger

Thanks for inviting me here. A beautiful site to be sure and looks like some excellent reading. Lookin for to it. Jack
Jack Howell (ALittleBrother)

Looks like you have some exciting books here!
Anthea Carson

Fantastic website, It glories Christ
Gloria Bresciani

Just a note to tell you i appricate the offer, you have published some great Books, and it is an HONER to have you as a Friend !!! God has Blessed you with such great Talent . Sincerly Mrs. Brenda Phelps
Mrs. Brenda Phelps

Hi Don, Glad to see that you are doing well and writing. I am the superintendent of schools in Elkton, SD. Elkton is 18 miles SE of Brookings. I stay busy with 4 kids. One grown, 2 in college, and one in HS. If you ever get back to the area please givew me a call. Tony Simons
Tony Simons

Hi Don! I had a little time after reading your note over in "Witness Ireland" to stop in and check out your site! I was expecting generic fictation novels and was indeed pleasantly surprised! YOUR NOVELS...Have a Christian Message!!!:)))What a Blessing! I also appreciate the subject matters. I will definitly be back to explore further! Thank You!:)XOCE?

I rec'd your msg on Book Blogs and took the link to your site. I've only taken a glance and read your summaries and I'm already impressed. What impressed me the most is that your books feature characters who have faith without being the perfect christian so often written about. Those characters are easy to portray as there's no need to show a progression if he/she is already perfect. I would love to review Angels of Interstate 29 because the characters are compelling. Also, it seems the Interstate is a metaphor for the road this man has found himself on. I'll delve deeper into that when I've had a chance to read the book. I have 2 blogs, one for crafts and another for contest entries. I should have my new book review site up and running by Tuesday. You'll be my first review! Also, if you do have this in paper form, I'd love to have a copy. You can send me an e-mail directly at
Heather Goldsmith

Don, I will listen to your book. I haven't read much YA for a while. It should be fun. Thanks for the download. Dianne
Dianne Forman

Hi Don, This is a very interesting and informative website. Thanks for the invite. I'll come back to visit more of your books and links. God Bless and have a good weekend. Mike
Mike Yousif

Hi Don!This is a cool website..congrats!
zelfa bruns

Your books look very interesting. Praise God.
Barbara McKimmey

Great writing! Keep up the good job. I am also an author of 1 book 'Be Strong and have Courage'

You’re doing quite a job here and I really do hope those kids get something real – not just an entertainment – out this effort. God bless you. David.
David Olawoyin

D.J.- At the present I'm absorbed by K. Howe's 'The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane' and have a knee-high stack awaiting my attention! i would love to have a copy of the 'Angels' book you suggest, how would I go about getting a signed copy?

Hi Don, wow! Your website, publishing company and all the links and articles are a testament to what God has gifted you with in the writing Ministry. Thank you for so selflessly sharing with us all of the information and experiences you have learned and gleaned through the Holy Spirit. We are truly blessed by it all. Thanking God at the remembrance of you! Carolyn
Carolyn Ward

I'm most impressed by your covers.
Stan Law

I confess I skimmed over your E-books for content but time does not permit further reading. Father has given me a ministry of Watchman on the Wall and praying for HIS Children. The last time I read a complete book, science is my favorite, was three years ago when Father allowed me to have a computer. If Father opens the door for me to return you can bet I will be prompt. God bless you richly Donald and may our books be blessed to the reader and change lives. In HIS Service, Peggy
Peggy Clime

Hi Donald, I found your site from Book Blogs. Over the weekend, I will be downloading one of your books. Do you recommend that I start at the beginning of the Masterson series? Or can I start with the most recent? Cheers, Melissa
Miel Abeille

Thank you for allowing me to read and review one of your books. I am sure we will be talking more.
Sandra Stiles

wow!!! this is exciting where have you been hiding lol lol so glad i have connected in to your website such a blessing Thanks
Lynn Hayter

I am happy to see books that demonsrate such an understanding of how God works and what he can do for people and to see it in a field that can really help people. Good work
chris hallstrom

Donald, you are so blessed! I am still fresh behind the ears with the my ministry blogs I write for the Lord but my dream is to write a book one day. Your writings will be an inspiration for me. In God's timing he will allow to write what is on my heart. Thank you for the links to your websites. God bless! Love in Christ, Vickie.
Vickie Lege

Hi brother Don, I'm one of your many new friends on Facbook and I looking over your site and I'm really impressed and do believe that you are a sincere and a dovoted Godly man I look foward to reading all the wonderful books that The Lord God Has helped you write for His Glory I look forward to a relationship with you though Facebook... God Bless you and all that you do for His work and His Kingdom ! Love Your sister in Christ Jesus ! Bonnie Virginia Margeson
Bonnie Virginia Margeson

I m trully honored to hv you as a friend. In deed your works are really awesome. Havent gotten the chance to read them one by one, but i promise i will do it as soon as possible and get back to you with deeper commentaries. Btw, do you think it is possible for us to be connected or linked one day... I need an expert in this area to expand my personal ministry. My calling is to win the lost and disciple them to know and make Christ as their Saviour and Lord in their lives. However as time progress, i meet many broken home families... and need deeper wisdoms to handle all this matters. I will have my blog ready in the next 2 months (i hope) and maybe by then we can get connected again. What do you think. That way the readers can get to you straight for any assistance or helps... That is what i hv in mind at the moment. Should there be any changes, i will let you know abt it. Many2 thanks to you for your kind attention and friendship. I hope we can win and save many broken relationships in time to come. PS: Have you had your books translated into indonesian langguage?? they look very2 inviting and inspiringl... Bless you and your ministry.
Jaqueline Kusumo

I am looking forward to reading your books and when I finish them I will let you know what I think . God Bless
Debra Brooker

I just read, Love Waits by Donald James Parker! It was a reminder of some of the pressures which often accompanies adolescense. I especially related to the part when Cheri tried to recapture a wonderful swimming dream with a gorgeous lifeguard only to be awaked by the reality of an alarm clock. While reading Love Waits, I felt as though I was on a life jouney with the characters while on a journey down memory lane with a shadow of myself.
Karen Scott

I can't wait to get started on all the e-books . I have a couple left to review first then I will start reading all of these .Every one of them sound fantastic Lynn from Goodreads and BookBlog

I really enjoyed reading the previews of your books! God has obviously given you a talent for writing.
Pamella Bagley

I found your website through my son Daniel Weaver and it looks like some good reading. YEAH!
carol weaver

Thank you for your note. May our God bless the works of your hands as you continue to write and minister the wonders of His grace.
Betty Sabella Jordan

The books all sound very interesting. Something I would feel good letting my middle-schoolers read.
Jennifer "Jo" Bingham

Amazing works and let me read one by one. I am in the process of publishing too, if you can guide me through i will be happy too
Sapna Anu B.George

I am very impressed with all of your books. Being a Christian now days especially a teenager must be very difficult. I am now 65 and have been a born again person since I was 18. I hope and pray that readers of all ages who are searching for a better way to go through their lives will read your books.
Paulette Danforth

Hi Donald, It's a pleasure to meet you and read your books. Thanks for sharing them for us. God bless you richly. :)
Wallace Moura are very prolific in your writing! I look forward to reading your books! I have a 9 year daughter who will be challenged to make godly decisions in a world that tells her otherwise. I think these books are very timely and I will tell other parents to consider reading your work. May God continue to bless you as you creatively release what you have been given!
Venus Maria Braning

Family friend of the O'Connors, Castle Rock....found your site through them' and am grateful for the trail loving people leave pointing the way.
Shirley Ayers

I really like the Christian slant that your books appear to have. Are you marketing them only online or are they available in book stores?
Elizabeth Westra

I believe a word of thnks is in order for Mr. Parker being so lovely as to refer me to a web link for his various books & writings. Forgiveness is a wonderful topic to addreess in a book. It brings Atonemnent by Ian McEwan to mind. Lovely movie though shocking. I have yet read the novel but hope to indulge in it at a later time. We are sooo affected by our own expeirences, failures & accomplishments. Wonderful subject matter. Teresa (fenixbird sands_
Teresa Schnell (Fenixbird Sands)

WOW, absolutely awesome. ~Thank you for being His hands and feet, heart and mind in this medium. The power of His Anointing will carry you far' like hinds feet in high places . . .
Yvonne-Nicole Betancourt

Hi, Don. Enjoy your site! Looks like I have plenty of great reading ahead of me. Will pass on to my son in SoCal who is an avid reader. God bless you and your work.
Nancy Ann Johnson

I it like your choices of topic i will enjoy reading them.
chantel isner

Donald, Your books are very interesting. They all look like good reads. I read "Reforming the Potter's Clay". I love how the story relates to now. I can use it as a tool for my children and grandchildren in relation to monitoring what they read & watch, no matter how harmless they think it may be. Oh! by the way , thanks for the add at LIBAW. wouldn't have found out about your books as fast. There plenty must have reading, Kepp up the good work and i'll keep up the reading. : )
Faye Peters

Hello, I got your info on my book blogs so I thought I'd check out your site.....I've added it to my favorites so I can come back and spend some time : ) Have a great Friday ! C.D. NOLAN

Your books seem to be very interesting....I will check into them..Good luck in your path of writing...I hope someday to write books as well...hugs..
Mindy De Britos

Don: I had no idea you had all of this going! Awesome! Me, I'm still hanging out with Jr Hi kids at White River, still coordinating WyldLife here, and preparing to go with a YoungLIfe team to China. Are you still in this area? Bob
Bob Pruitt

Thanks for the add on and I will be checking out the books
Barbara Wilson

We just became friends on facebook today. I had to check out your site. I am so interested in reading some of these books. Can't wait to read the angels one. I have heard of it before. Blessings. Lora
Lora (Patriots Rule)

Want to read your books soon. Congratulations author. I pray that your work will make it to the Best Seller List in Jesus Name. Amen
Angria Bassett

Hi Don, just looking over your site, impressive!! I didn't know you were from S.D. My Mom and Dad were both born and raised there. My mom from Bison and my dad from Mound City. We probably know some people in common. I pray God continues to use you for his glory...keep the pen moving.
Todd S. Larson

Don, I am enjoyng the book I bought. I would like to purchase another one. Hugs, Teri
Teresa Shortess

Saw your link on GoodReads Pick-a-Shelf, so trotted over to have a peek. Your books sound very interesting and particularly timely.
Betty Gelean

trying to figure out what to read first - awesome website thank you.

Just ordered "Angels of I-29." Can't wait for the arrival! Please keep writing.
Ruth Bartlett

Hi bro, Preeety Coool. your own website. also you have written more books that i didn't know about. keep it up. your books are good
Sally Herbert

Checking out your site! Thanks for sharing. Wow, Had no idea all the books you've written. God bless
Liz Hofer

Donald, All of your books are interesting. They all look like good reads. I just can not decide which one I want to read first!

thanks for writing the Bulldog conpact, it brought back merories of my days at MHS. Class of 71!
Randy Rook

Hi Don, Thanks for sending me the link to your page! I didn't realized how published you are! That's fantastic. Keep up the good work. Blessings, Stacy
Stacy Guthmiller

Don, I just received the CRSQ that has my review of your book it it. Quite a bit was edited out but the essentials of the review are still there. It is the Fall 2008 issue—they are a bit late on their schedule. God bless, Don Ensign
Don Ensign

Hello Mr. Parker, I received your message on Facebook, but it would not let me write you back, so I went here to your website. Thank you for your kind comments about Come What May. I am very glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me know about your books. I'll have to look around your site and download something. God bless you and your family, Victoria Emmons
Victoria Emmons

I bless the LORD for you becoming my friend on ETA. When I went to investigate you I began to laugh because just today I began a book called THE LAYAWAY PLAN. When I finish I know to to tap into for expert assistance in an arena I have never gone before. We know that God supplies all our needs. God bless
Advocate-Pastor Heloise Sulyans-Gibson:Chaplain

I did not realize you had published that many books. When are you going to start on a new one? Merry Christmas. Hugs, Teri
Teri Shortess

You're getting quite a collection of published books here, Don. I'm so happy for you and pray for your continued success. Hugs, Renie

impressive site and credits....
Rachel Brower

Nice site, thanks for information!

Anyone who is anti-Harry Potter is okay in my book! You are a very talented individual! God bless you and your family! Sincerely, Mrs. Lori E. Mazzola Author of Tales of the Tree People
Lori Mazzola

Very impressed with your books, and thier values. Also with your website. Give me time an I'll place an order! Katie G.

Dear Donald, I am Dennis Saufleys great nephew and I got Reforming the Potter's Clay for an early birthday preasant. I thought it was the best book i ever read. It was funny, sad, and adveturus. Are you going to make a seqale.
Hayden Long

Hi, I enjoyed "The Great Watermelon Heist" in our new FOREVER FRIENDS anthology. Malcolm
Malcolm Campbell

Nice well themed series of books. Do look forward to finding & reading Angels on Interstate 29. Hmmm.
Fenixbird SandS (Teresa)

Wonderful website. We need more books like yours. I could not surveive without my faith in Jesus Christ. Great work and I can't wait to read the books.
Kristie Smith

Hi Don- Just wanted to say sorry that I couldn't be there for your book signing when I was the one in charge of the planning etc. I have been battling something viral and it doesn't want to let me go. Nancy said it was a nice evening, We are planning on getting the books out as soon as Nancy can get the cataloging done. Our computers have been down for several weeks and it is impossible to do that without them. As soon as she can get the cataloging done the books will be out on the shelves. Congratulations on your sucess as a writer. Pat
Pat Richardson

Hi, Donald! Remember me from Shelfari? Well, here I am, visiting your website...and I like it VERY MUCH! I'm AMAZED that you're offering all these eBooks for FREE! How cool is that? I have already started reading "Reforming the Potter's Clay" (one of the free eBooks)and I just LOVE it! I think I'll just thoroughly enjoy myself and read one right after the other! (Is it ok with you, Donald?) I pray that the Lord will bless you, your writing, and whatever you endeavor to do. He obviously has great plans for you and you have a wonderful ministry already started. God Bless You and Your Family, Donald! In His Love, Cynde L. Hammond
Cynde L. Hammond

I just started checking out your site but I am already so impressed...have to go...want to read some more.
Jennie Msangi

WOW! Reforming the Potters Clay was amazing, it really pulled me in plus, it was fun being a charrie in a book haha :) The ending was a little depressing but it just made the book that more realistic. my mom wants to read it now after listening to me talk and talk about it, we have been disscusing some things that happened in the book, it was really fun reading it. oh and guess what! i plan on being a writter as well when i grow up, so its fun to read realistic stories for me, thank you so much! -makayla

Thanks so much for the books to download! I look forward to reading them.
Sarah Brenner

Wow! What a wonderful website especially for Christians. May God bless you and the works which you do for the glory of the Lord Christ. Yours at HIS service BelovedsMinistries

Congratulations on your works, Donald. Although I am not a 'religious' person, I have a very deep and abiding faith. What you are offering young people is sorely needed, and I hope you are greatly rewarded for your efforts.
Zada Connaway

Congratulations on becoming a writer, I'll have to order a book soon. I am looking forward to our reunion and seeing everyone. Like you said there will probably be a lot of people we don't recognize. Good luck with your writing, and see you at the reunion. Brian
Brian Slack

I read the first part of the Voices book. Good job, and congrats on the publishing.
Kirk White

This is soooo exciting Don! Congratulations! I know God has great things in store for this new endeavor! I will watch with interest as you grow and flourish. Robin Shope
robin shope

Hi Don and Blessings! Thanks for sending me your website. I look forward to surfing through it in the days ahead. My prayers are with you for wisdom, favor and strength! Much love, Steve :)
Steve Capatch

very good, it's nice to find something on the Internet bestrides, crime sex and violence. May we all turn our faces upward and look forward to His return. Don Helling
Don Helling

Your site looks great. I just stumbled upon it while surfing fellow author sites. I wish you the best in your writing pursuits. J. A. Anderson
J. A. Anderson

Hi Donald, Congrats. ;) I am so happy to see your book. How did you get it on Amazon (did you have to pay to be in Z-shop? And how did you get in the other stores (Christian and Secular? Going to check out the other tabs on this site. Are you hosting your own web page? I hope that you don't mind all the questions. Congratulations again. Checking to see how much your book costs in hard copy. I saw the $5.00 for e-book. Ms. "V"
Ms. "V" (Victoria Thomas Poller)

Hello I "met" you on and had to jump over here and see what you are about. I was drawn, like you mentioned when God speaks we don't drag our feet me move. Hope to get to know you and what you do better. More later. God Bless. Rori

I did visit your site and am very interested in reading your book. May God bless you!

I first heard from you at You had asked to be my friend and I responded. That also is where I found your web address. Your site looks interesting.....may our heavenly Father continue to bless you and yours
Noreen Moyer

Hi Donald, I am checking out your site. It is interesting thus far. I will see you on the pages of Shelfari.

i absolutely love maria and jeremy! I can't wait until the next book comes out. Don you are truely gifted!
jennifer matthews

Thanks for including me on the Christian Pulse.
Mary Connealy

Hi Donald: I love to read your writing. It flows very well. Thanks for adding me on theChristianPulse! Carolyn
Carolyn Ward

Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Thanks for the update See you in August 2008. I will pass this on to the class mates Bev
Bev Mader

The Internet can be such a complex thing, you can find the love that God has placed in our hearts or the raunchiest humanistic trash. I love poetry, especially poetry that rhymes, carries a suitable message...but then what do I know, I am a dinosaur. Thanks for some wholesome reading. Arthur
Arthur g. Finch

Hey i had free time and well bored. Good book almost done.
Alex, U know who

On my way to the bookstore today. Back from vacation (shelfari member) and going to get your book as well as Samuel Morris.

I really think that "All the voices in the wind" sounds like it would be a very interesting book to read!
Brenda Foster

saw your post on the AFCW Loop that you are giving away a book this month. Please enter my name to win the book. It looks good. Thanks Nora
Nora St.,laurent

Your book sounds really good. I would like to read it one day. Good luck!
Tamelia Tumlin

I've enjoyed reading this series of novels by Donald James Parker. They are delightful in the character development and inspiring for the message they provide to teens and adults alike. Great reading!
Cheri Jalbert

Divine Inspiration is the key which opens all doors.
Ronnie Mello

Awesome web site, Scaramouche! Just thought I'd drop in to say hello and let you know that I'm ordering your book today! Many Hugs, Marcia
Marcia Womack

Hi Don, gee, your site looks great! I need to get busy and fix mine. I left one entry...a year ago. :>) Count me in on the draw for your book. Robin
Robin Shope

Best wishes on your book, Don.
Peg Phifer

Hey, Don! Don't know if I ever signed your guestbook or not, but I finally got far enough through my emails to see your message. I hope you got plenty of activity! Blessings with the book! Trish
Trish Perry

Thanks for hosting the drawing and good luck with the radio show. Are you a fellow Marylander???
Robin Bayne

Hi, Saw your message tonight on the ACFW bookclub when checking messages. So thought I'd drop in and say... Gidday from Down Under! Western Australia
Lee Franklin

Got to your website by visiting Outskirts Press. Hope you've sold your first mil by now. Love that you are writing Christian stuff. I am '62 HS grad and 82 college grad. Good Luck!

Nice site Don! I'm a member of acfw and the bookclub
Linda Mae Baldwin

Hey Don, Congrats on the book. I'm looking forward to reading it. Awesome accomplishment.
Brian Redpath

Hi Donald! I visited your site before and honestly thought I had left a message. I'm always open for a chance to win a free book. BUt, apparently, my age and schedule are catching up to me and I forgot to actually leave the message. Sounds like a great book. One I can share with my teenage daughter. Good luck!
Michelle D. Rodgers

That sounds wonderful! Your book sounds like something ICR would like to promote. If you haven't mentioned it to them, you should. Please enter me in the drawing. If I don't win it, I'll have to look for a copy! Thanks! Sorry I didn't see the invitation earlier to come post. I was glad to see on your links page that the UK has a group for Creation. That's very encouraging! Hope
Hope Chastain

Hi from ACFW loop! I like the site, very easy to navigate.

I just read your comment on the AFCW book club site. I had the privledge of going to the Christy Awards this past week. I was with Novel Journey blog site. We were able to interview the winners. We interviewed DeeAnne Gist who won a Christy for her second book "The Measure of a Lady". We asked her is there pressure to do better or work harder to write the next book. She said that "God has called me to write what I have. It is up to Him to do with it what He will". So, true. I have found that true in my life as well. God is more creative than we can ever imagine. I would love to read your book. I run three book clubs so I'm always looking for good live changing Christian Fiction. I also give books away. Contact with novel Journey for an interview about your book. They get 9 thousand hits a month. check them out Nora
nora Stlaurent