Donald James Parker

Books on Evolution

All the Fury of the Wind Parker, Donald James Book 5 in the Masterson Series. Will be available by August of 2008. Jeremy and Maria go off to college and their battle against Darwinism continues.
Billions of Missing Links Simmons, Dr. Geoffrey A wonderful look at the world of exotic animals -- ones whom the theory of Evolution has no explanation for.
I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist Geisler, Norm and Turek Frank A marvelous look at how an atheist must have more blind faith in not believing in God than a believer does.
Icons of Evolution Wells, Dr. Jonathan A broadside shot at the basic arguments of Darwin's Theory of Evolution
More Than Dust in the Wind Parker, Donald James Book 2 in the Masterson Series. The story of the Bulldog Compact picks up after Lance's graduation from high school and continues up to 2006. This should be available by Summer of 2008.
The Cave Painting (A Parable of Science) Bullock, Roddy M. Written for readers of all ages, the updated third edition of The Cave Painting is particularly suitable for high school and college students desiring to understand the truth about evolution and intelligent design. Read the novel for fun and the non-fiction end notes for total understanding of this important topic.
The Days of Peleg Saboe, Jon The Days of Peleg is an action-filled, yet thought provoking epic which combines the enigmas and mythologies of ancient civilizations with the intrigue of hard science fiction. Issues as diverse as origins, linguistics, and phenomenology are concealed within an exciting narrative that boasts diverse characters embarked on an unimaginable journey. You will never think of ancient man in the same way again. The Days of Peleg provides an exhilarating yet entertaining look at who we once were-and who we may one day become.
The Edge of Evolution Behe, Michael Professor Behe continues a look at the shortcomings of Darwinism to explain life on the planet Earth.
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design Wells, Dr. Jonathan The title says it all. A great followup to Icons of Evolution.
What Darwin Did Not Know Simmons, Dr. Geoffrey A magnficent guided tour of the human body -- and the shortcomings of Darwin's theory to explain it.
What Happened to Me -- Reflections of a Journey Niles, Randall A wonderful story of a young man who grows disillusioned with his faith -- Darwinism -- and whose search for truth led him to Jesus of Nazareth.