Jackson and Tony are two retired buddies who met in the army in Vietnam. Tony, a devout Christian, although perhaps a member of the frozen chosen, has been witnessing to Jackson since they occupied adjoinging beds in a military hospital. Jackson, who becomes a science teacher after his tour of duty, has successfully repelled Tony's personal application of the Great Commission. When Tony's granddaughter moves in with Tony to attend college, the dynamics of the relationship between the two best friends changes drastically. The unexpected arrival of an attractive woman complicates things even more, jeopardizing their status as "best friends".

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Shot in September of 2014

Cast Members
Royce Henry as Jackson
Wanda Morganstern as Belle
Kira Cupp as Madison Freeman
Samuel Chase Purkey as Shane
Courtney Lee Simpson as Abby
Chris Palmer as Terry Freeman
Tony Caudill as Roy the fisherman
Adra Cooper as Brittany - Jackson's grandaughter
Molly Cooper as Beth - Jackson's daughter
Hannah Grace Jones as Hannah
David Vandergriff as the pastor of Madison's church
Keyvan Neal as the pastor of Tony's church
Donald James Parker as Tony Freeman

Assistant Director and Director of Cinematography: Ryan Sliwoski
Edited by Don Stafford

Makeup by Vickie Odeneal

Music by Jason Kerr, Danny Jones, Shane Faulkner, and Will Crowe

Crew Members:
Chris Free
Joshua Pierson
Jeff Kournalsky
Hasmukh Patel
Paul Spite
Joseph (Tony) Zarola
Photos from the shoot