Two twelve-year-old boys become embroiled in a 2000-year-old-war. Paul Douglas is a bright, passionate twelve-year-old Christian whose goal is to be a missionary to the world, especially to the Jewish and Native American people. The rubber meets the road for his aspirations when a Jewish family moves in next door and Paul has the opportunity for hands on experience. As a result, he gets into trouble with his father for investigating the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a doctrine their church strongly disputes. Abraham Maslow is a twelve-year-old Jewish boy whose father instructs him how to combat the proselytizing of Christian missionaries. After a tough economic situation forces the Maslow family to relocate to an area in which no other Jewish people live, Abe's father is faced with his biggest nightmare as Paul's prayers lead to some unusual experiences for Abraham. The ensuing ideas from those experiences collide head on with Micah Maslow's Conservative Jewish beliefs. As the two boys get closer to each other, they drift further from their doting fathers. Both of them face hard decisions as their probe to find religious truth shakes the foundation of their family relationships. Abe's new found interest in the Christian Savior threatens his coming of age ceremony, his Bar Mitzvah, an event both he and his father have long awaited.

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Directed by Chip Rossetti of Rossetti Productions

Cast Members
Rich and Joyce Swingle as Micah and Hava Maslow
Glenn Tucker as Abraham Maslow
Callan Wilson as Paul Douglas
Jeff Rose as Steven Douglas
Donna Botts as Dorothy Douglas
Cassady McClincy as Sarah
Abbey Kochman as Rebecca Maslow
Lynda Stein as Rachel Maslow
Donald James Parker as David Maslow
David Vandergriff as the Pastor and Houston as his son
Gavin Martion as Larry
Keegan Martion as Butch
David Roas as the Rabbi
Bob (Stretch) Cleeland as the the Deprogrammer
Tony Caudill as the Plumber
Paul Spite as Messianic Rabbi
Zander Shores as Tom
Kaitlin Borst as the German girl's voice

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