Jackson's unhealthy eating habits lead to persistent nagging by his lady friend, which triggers Jackson to break off the relationship. Tony picks up the health baton and starts pressuring Jackson to take care of his body, emphasizing to him that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that he cannot serve God with all his heart if his heart and other organs are laboring to fight off self induced toxin poisoning. When Jackson's doctor threatens to call child protective services on a widow grandmother whose grandson refuses to accept chemotherapy treatment for his leukemia, Jackson takes sides in the ongoing battle for the right of people to choose their own medical treatment. He partners up with Tony and Julie to become a champion for those underdogs who fight against Big Pharma and the Monsantos of the world who reap a fortune as they seize power to run the lives of the little people and jeopardize the future of the planet in their attempt to misuse science and political science to usurp God.

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Cast Members
Royce Henry as Jackson
Diana Schmitt as Julie
Tiffany Burns as Dr. Tingle
John David Gregory Jr. as Dr. Knight
Ann Lukens as Kay
Wayne Matychuk as the judge
Katie Mae Foster as Amy
Marcy Conway as Stephanie
Omar Lagudali as Austin
Jim Bronaugh as Steven
Jeremy Chesser as Attorney Cam Chancellor
Danielle Turner as Angie
Bob (Stretch) Cleeland as meeting moderator
Caleb Wright as Nathan
Donald James Parker as Tony Freeman

Director of Photography: Ricky Burchell and Nate Juetten

Edited by Don Stafford

Makeup by Jennifer Whitus

Music by Danny Jones, and Professor Lanny Lanford

Crew Members:

Chris Free
Richard (Preach) Kemp
Nate Juetten
Wayne Matychuk
Jeremy Chesser
Woody Geisler

Photos from the shoot - thanks to Steve Alexander